Is it hard to fly a Cessna 150?

Is it hard to fly a Cessna 150?

For basic fun and easy flying, it’s hard to beat the Cessna 150. Well-suited for training, light travel, and those quick local hops, the little 150 is a good all-around entry airplane. Cessna built more than 22,000 150s, according to the valuation service Vref.

What’s better Piper or Cessna?

In general, Piper has produced low wing aircraft, whereas most Cessna aircraft are high wing. The different wing configurations mean that there is better visibility in a Cessna aircraft than in a Piper when cruising, whereas visibility in turns is better in a Piper.

How far can you fly a Cessna 150?

How Far Can A Cessna Fly On A Full Tank? It can fly for more than 6,000 miles on a full tank (about the distance from London to Venice), and it can travel at a stately maximum speed of 150 mph.

How much does a Cessna 150 plane cost?

Airplanes with expensive radios, paint jobs, and/or larger horsepower engines typically sell in the $25,000-$30,000 range. The market for these upgraded Cessna 150s and 152s is quite small because it’s possible to buy a low budget 4 seat airplane for around $30,000.

What is the difference between a Cessna 150 and a 152?

The Cessna 150 can hold up to a maximum of 42 gallons of fuel, while the Cessna 152 can hold up to a bit less fuel at 39 gallons, even though it weighs more and has a more powerful engine. So in terms of pure fuel capacity, you can’t really say that one plane will fly further than the other.

What does it cost to paint a Cessna 150?

I’ve been getting quotes the past two weeks for my Cessna 150 (which should be similar to a 172)… My lowest is $9000, my highest is $18,000 for strip and paint. All shops say that is “base” pricing, most likely will be more. This is by far the most realistic price for a strip and paint listed.

How much does it cost to fill up a Cessna 150?

The Cessna 150 burns about 5.6 gallons per hour with Avgas typically costing about $6 per gallon, hourly fuel costs for the Cessna 150 run between $30-$34 per hour.

Why did Cessna stop making the 152?

After 1985, Cessna stopped all production of its single-engine aircraft. When it restarted in production in 1996, the 152 was not brought back. Perhaps at that time, Cessna felt that the market for a two-place trainer was too small.