Is IT safe to buy a property near Rajakaluve?

Is IT safe to buy a property near Rajakaluve?

Secondly, make sure the property you are planning to buy is not within 25 metres around the Rajakaluve or a stormwater drain. Construction activity of any kind within the 25 metre range of Rajakaluve is strictly prohibited. Check thoroughly that the property of your interest is nowhere within this range.

Can we construct house near Rajakaluve?

25mtr from the edge of tertiary rajakaluve. While the new orders will not affect ongoing project. 1) Yes, you will be able to build house after getting layout permission from collector or Bangalore Municipal Corporation.

How do I find my BBMP zone?

1 – Kempegowda Ward 2-Chowdeshwari Ward

  1. Kempegowda Ward.
  2. Chowdeshwari Ward. Residential. Non – Residential. Yelahanka.
  3. Attur.
  4. Yelahanka Satellite town. Residential. Non – Residential. Yelahanka.
  5. Jakkur.
  6. Thanisandra. Residential. Non – Residential.
  7. Byatarayanapura.
  8. Kodigehalli. Residential. Non – Residential.

Is Yelahanka urban or rural?

Bangalore Urban has five taluks: Bangalore North (Bengaluru), Bangalore South (Kengeri), Bangalore East (Krishnaraja Pura), Yelahanka and Anekal. The city of Bangalore is situated in the Bangalore Urban district. The district has 17 hoblies, 668 villages, 9 municipal corporations, and five talukas.

What is rajakaluve buffer zone?

As per norms, the width of a primary drain (rajakaluve) should be 22ft, secondary drain 16 ft and tertiary drain 6-9 ft. As per the Revised Master Plan 2015 issued by the BBMP,the buffer zone to be maintained for primary, secondary and tertiary drains are 50 metres, 25 m and 15 m respectively.

What is the meaning of rajakaluve?

Rajakaluve is nothing but water resources and flow of water in to the lake,canal, pond or any accumulated water ground. This Rajakaluve and it’s resources along with lake could be seen in the old Village Map.

How do I know if my BBMP approves my apartment?

1) you have to take 30 years title search in sub registrar office . 2) contact a local lawyer and obtain title clearance certificate . 3) check whether building plans have been sanctioned by muncipal corporation .

What is my BBMP ward number?

Details of the wards under BBMP Jurisdiction

Ward No Ward Name BBMP Division
10 Dodda Bommasandra Byatarayanapura
11 Kuvempu Nagar Byatarayanapura
12 Shettihalli Dasarahalli
13 Mallasandra Dasarahalli

How many wards are there in BBMP?

The first draft of the BBMP ward delimitation report is ready. The number of wards in the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike has gone up from 198 to 243 in accordance with the BBMP Act, 2020.

Is Yelahanka under BBMP?

Yelahanka is a suburb of Bangalore in the state of Karnataka and one of the zones of BBMP. It lies to the north of Bangalore City.

How safe is Yelahanka?

For those living in the Yelahanka Assembly constituency, safety has become one of the biggest of worries. Most roads in the four wards of the constituency have no streetlights or CCTV cameras. This has resulted in a surge in anti-social activities such as drug peddling and theft cases.

Where can I find rajakaluve?

One can easily locate their property utilising bbmp rajakaluve map online, available on the official website, to check the status of rajakaluve in their area. When you click on the rajakaluve map, it will take you to another page.