Is John Q Archibald a good person?

Is John Q Archibald a good person?

Although we certainly all recognize that holding up a hospital and trapping hostages in order to demand medical assistance is an extreme action to take, it’s certainly not difficult to see John Q. as the good guy trapped in an evil system. He’s a sympathetic character, to be sure.

What is the main message of the movie John Q?

This article is a critical reflection on the film John Q (Burg & Cassavetes, 2002). The author explores the public perception of current U. S. health care, the distinction between medical care and health, and the ethics of health care decisions. Key Words: Health care, health insurance, medical ethics, film criticism.

Is John Q Public a true story?

According to a report by, there is no real John Q. However, in the film’s commentary track between the director Nick and James Kearnes, the writer of the movie, they were told by the SWAT team advisors of a similar incident that took place in Toronto in 1998.

Is John Q OK for kids?

good for mature tweens.

Why is John Q for Sasha?

Sasha was born with a heart defect and underwent substantial surgery; Cassavetes’ film John Q. was dedicated to Sasha, and his later adaptation of My Sister’s Keeper was based in part on Sasha’s medical experience.

How long is John Q in jail for?

John is ultimately acquitted of attempted murder and armed criminal action, but convicted of kidnapping and false imprisonment; his actual prison sentence isn’t revealed, but his lawyer assures him that he will likely serve no more than two years.

What was the ethical dilemma that John Q faced in this movie?

Another major ethical issue presented in the movie is the issue of justice, the fair distribution of resources to the population. Because John Q and his family do not have enough money to pay for the surgery, the hospital requires the Archibalds to make a cash payment.

What is wrong with Mikey’s heart in John Q?

John and Denise’s nine-year-old son, Mike, collapses in the middle of a baseball game and is diagnosed with severe heart disease.

Who was Sasha at the end of the movie John Q?

The message “For Sasha” appears just before the end credits. This refers to Sasha Cassavetes, daughter of director Nick Cassavetes.

What was John Q sentence?

What medical moral problem is present in John Q?

What was the ethical issue in John Q? Whether or not the hospital should pay for the operation and let the boy live or follow the rules meaning the boy would not survive.

What is moral dilemma that the two law enforcement agents face while dealing with John Q?

What is legal dilemma that the two law enforcement agents face while dealing with John Q? In the movie, John Q has to decide whether he will let his son die by not getting a heart transplant for him or do everything in his power, including harming himself or others, to get his son a new heart.

Where can I watch John Q?

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  • Where is the live footage of John Q?

    Denzel Washington as John Quincy Archibald

  • Kimberly Elise as Denise Archibald
  • Daniel E. Smith as Michael “Mike” Archibald
  • James Woods as Dr. Raymond Turner
  • Anne Heche as Rebecca Payne
  • Robert Duvall as Lt. Frank Grimes
  • Ray Liotta as Chief Gus Monroe
  • Eddie Griffin as Lester Matthews
  • Shawn Hatosy as Mitch Quigley
  • David Thornton as Jimmy Palumbo
  • Who are the characters in John Q?

    John Q. Archibald is a fictional character in a 2002 movie starring Denzel Washington. The movie’s title character takes an emergency room hostage to get a heart transplant for his dying son. There is no real John Q. He did not commit a real crime and did not spend any time in prison.

    What is the story of John Q?

    Is Based on a True Story Even though it came out nearly 20 years ago, the film John Q. resonates with modern audiences on a deep level. It tells the story of John Quincy Archibald, a father and husband who watches his young son collapse while playing baseball.