Is K render any good?

Is K render any good?

The product K-rend has become extremely popular in recent years. It gives a nice-looking finish to the exterior of the property and comes in a huge variety of colours and textures so the home can be made to look completely unique. It is also weather-proof and breathable, which protects the property from condensation.

What is K render made of?

K-rend traditionally produces a thick-coat rend that is mineral-based and processed using limestone. It comes in a variety of colours and textures, over 500 different options in fact, so that you can choose exactly the look that you want.

Is K rendering waterproof?

The K Rend silicone range incorporates silicone water repellents as an integral part of the cement based render system. Silicone technology imparts a high degree of water repellency to the render system allowing the substrate to breath. This ensures a freshly rendered surface appearance for a prolonged period.

Can you paint over K rendering?

Once your property is clear of dirt and biological growth, it can be painted. However, while it is possible to paint over K Rend with standard masonry paint, it is advised to consult with a professional who can recommend more compatible paints as masonry paint can compromise the render system.

Does K render discolour?

“Hi, K render is exspensive and it does start to lose colour, fade and gets dirty easily. I would recommend a normal render as it’s a vast way of keying this to any background and can put expansion joints in large areas to prevent cracking , and it’s a lot lot cheaper than K rend.

Can you use masonry paint on K render?

If cracks or other signs of damage has appeared on your render, repairing these and then applying a masonry paint is an effective way of restoring the render to its former glory.

Is K Rend more expensive?

K Rend is known to last longer than traditional sand and cement, as it doesn’t crack, keeps clean, is waterproof and needs no maintenance. It is more expensive than traditional render, but it does have more benefits than negatives.

Can you power wash K Rend?

The surface can be cleaned using a pressure washer with clean water and a low concentration of mild detergent. The washer should be set on fan application, not high power (very high pressure washers can damage the render surface). Carefully clean the render surface, in a controlled fashion, working from top to bottom.

Can you pressure wash K Rend?

Can K Rend be smooth?

Texture: K Rend products come in a variety of textures from smooth and refined to textured and traditional. It is important you choose the right texture when rendering a house or commercial property.

Why is my K render patchy?

It dried patchy because the scratch coat wasn’t done properly since it was rushed. The end result was that the flat(er) sections reflect light differently so the whole finished looked patchy.

What is house rendering?

House rendering is a versatile exterior finish that can suit many kinds of property. We look at the types of render, the pros and cons and dive into some design inspiration What Is Rendering?

Who rendered the back of the house in K Rend?

“Craig came when he said he would, gave us a really good quote to render the back of the house in K Rend. Started a couple of days later & Carl the Renderer who came to do the job was unbelievable.

Why choose k Rend Ltd?

At K rend ltd we will project manage the whole project, from providing quotations at the start to the final inspection on completion. “Really good service and the rendering has really made a difference: fewer problems with water coming through the walls (1840s property), and generally warmer rooms.

Why choose k Rend for your silicone render?

For over 28 years K Rend has offered a high quality extensive range of external silicone renders and finishes, designed to give a durable weatherproof coating and a natural finish. We are committed to excellence, innovation and teamwork in providing the highest quality products and technical service support.