Is Khombu a good brand?

Is Khombu a good brand?

Khombu 4.149872 5 Average Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars. Khombu was launched in 1968 and specializes in waterproof footwear for the outdoors enthusiast. Khombu boots are made with premium quality materials designed to keep feet dry and comfortable, and many models feature antibacterial footbeds.

Are Khombu hiking boots good?

These boots are almost perfect! I love them so much I bought another pair, after having found these at a Costco some time ago. The only downside is how their just a bit smaller than the size listed. I see after all this time that hasn’t changed, but at least these are great for work and hiking.

Are Khombu boots true to size?

They do run small, so be sure to size up!

Is Khombu men’s hiker boot waterproof?

The boots are definitely waterproof as it seems that the brown cover coating is impermeable as if sprayed on. Not a dye ‘into’ the leather as you would usually find on the more common leather hikers. The boots were comfortable and fit well, just not long lasting.

Where are Khombu boots manufactured?

After setting up a factory in Hot Springs, AR — becoming the only company to manufacture athletic footwear by hand in the United States — a pilot program was then established to train its workers. The hope is to bring more of their manufacturing to the U.S. in the coming years.

Are Khombu Iris boots waterproof?

The Khombu Iris Snow Boot adds to your winter style while keeping your feet warm. The fabric is waterproof, so feet stay dry.

Do Khombu boots come in half sizes?

I normally wear size 8 1/2, but these guys don’t come in half-sizes. I ordered the 8, and it was perfect. A little snug at first, but as expected with a leather shoe they have stretched a bit to fit. The zip is on the outside of the calf which is a bit odd to get used to but is really not a problem.

Is Khombu waterproof?

These Khombu boots are truly waterproof and kept my feet warm and dry through the New England snowfall and hours of shoveling…even through the thick slushy snow. I am in Love with these boots!