Is Kodak easy share a good camera?

Is Kodak easy share a good camera?

Photo quality The Kodak EasyShare Z5010 is capable of taking some very good photos, but it is not without limitations. Basically, if you view its 14-megapixel pictures at larger sizes, 80 to 100 percent, you’ll see a good deal of noise and artifacts, and subjects look soft and lack fine detail.

How much is a Kodak Easyshare?

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This item Kodak Easyshare C195 Digital Camera (Silver) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Kodak Easyshare C613 6.2 MP Digital Camera with 3xOptical Zoom (OLD MODEL)
Price From $149.99 $4895
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Screen Size 3 inches 2.4 inches
Has Image Stabilization Yes Yes

Does Kodak camera have Bluetooth?

LARGE AND VIBRANT PHOTOS: This camera produces the largest photos in the Kodak instant print collection. You can prints 16 megapixel 3.51” x 4.25” photos. PACKED WITH FEATURES: Bluetooth connectivity connects to iOS and Android devices. With an optical viewfinder, 10 second timer and automatic strobe flash.

Where are my Kodak Easyshare pictures?

C: > Users > Public > Public Pictures > Kodak Pictures In EASYSHARE Software, right-click your picture and select Properties. The file path appears next to Picture location. In EASYSHARE Software, right-click your picture and select Locate on Computer. A window appears and your picture is selected.

What kind of camera is the Kodak Easyshare?

Kodak EasyShare Z981 superzoom features a 14MP sensor, 26x optical zoom lens strating at a wide 26mm and a 3.0 inch LCD….Kodak EasyShare Z981 Overview.

Body type SLR-like (bridge)
Sensor size 1/2.33″ (6.08 x 4.56 mm)
Sensor type CCD
ISO Auto, 64, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200 (6400 at 3.1 MP)

How old is the Kodak Easyshare camera?

Kodak EasyShare is a sub brand of Eastman Kodak Company products identifying a consumer photography system of digital cameras, snapshot thermal printers, snapshot thermal printer docks, all-in-one inkjet printers, accessories, camera docks, software, and online print services. The brand was introduced in 2001.

Where are my Kodak EasyShare pictures?

Is Kodak EasyShare still available?

Kodak EasyShare P-Series The series is now discontinued, superseded by higher-end Z-Series models.

How do I connect my Kodak camera to my phone?

For an Android system smart device, you can directly tap the App icon to enter the “Select connecting device” screen. Select the SSID name of the camera to be connected, enter an eight-digit password, and tap “Connect”. 1. Enable NFC mode on your smart device.

What does Kodak mean in English?

\ ” \ Definition of Kodak (Entry 2 of 2) —used for a small hand camera.