Is letterboxing still a thing?

Is letterboxing still a thing?

Increasingly, however, letterboxes have been located in relatively accessible sites and today there are thousands of letterboxes, many within easy walking distance of the road. As a result, the tradition of leaving a letter or postcard in the box has been forgotten.

What is a letterbox cache?

A Letterbox cache or a Letterbox hybrid cache is a combination of a geocache and a letterbox in the same container. A letterbox has a rubber stamp and a logbook instead of tradable items.

What is letterboxing on Dartmoor?

The activity of Letterboxing originated on Dartmoor – it was started in 1854 when James Perrott of Chagford set up a small cairn at Cranmere Pool on north Dartmoor. From this hikers on the moors began to leave a letter or postcard inside a box along the trail, hence the name “letterboxing”.

What does P and G mean in geocaching?

Cache and Dash, a cache placed in a location that allows a quick grab. Also known as Park-and-Grab (P&G or PNG).

What is letterboxing and Pillarboxing?

Overview. Letterboxing occurs when the width is too large for the 16:9 aspect ratio; pillarboxing occurs when the height is too large. It is important to calculate the correct dimensions for your player to avoid any black bars.

What is letterboxing in Australia?

Letterbox advertising using Australia Post’s Unaddressed Mail is a simple and effective way to send catalogues, flyers and other promotional material. Whether you want to reach people all over Australia, or target businesses or consumers in your local area, we can help you maximise your campaign results.

What is a earth cache?

“An Earthcache is a special place that people can visit to learn about a unique geoscience feature or aspect of our Earth. EarthCaches include a set of educational notes and the details about where to find the location (latitude and longitude).

Where do I find letterboxes?

Fortunately, the central repository of letterboxes in the U.S. can be found on the Letterboxing North America Web site. More than 22,000 letterboxes have been entered and catalogued by state and county on this site, making it easy for you to find letterboxes that have been planted near you.

Is there a letterboxing app?

Clue Tracker is the ultimate letterboxing app. Quickly and easily find Atlas Quest and LbNA boxes, view maps, record finds, save and organize itineraries of letterboxes and much more. Save clues and other letterbox information for offline use.

How do I start letterboxing on Dartmoor?

To get letterboxing, you’ll need a map – the OS Dartmoor Explorer map is perfect – and a compass, preferably a sighting compass for accuracy. Some letterbox clues provide GPS co- ordinates, like in its spin-off hobby, Geocaching, so a GPS can be of use.

What is GZ in geocaching?

Ground Zero (GZ) The point where your GPS device shows that you have reached the geocache location. At ground zero, you are zero feet (or zero meters) away from your destination. Groundspeak.

What does TFTF mean?


Acronym Definition
TFTF Too Fat to Fly
TFTF Thanks for the Find (geocaching)
TFTF Thanks for the Follow (Twitter slang)
TFTF Too Full To Finish

What is a letterbox geocache?

These types of geocaches will contain a stamp that is meant to remain in the box and is used by letterboxers to record their visit. To read more about letterboxing, visit Letterboxing North America.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching shares many aspects with benchmarking, trigpointing, orienteering, treasure-hunting, letterboxing, waymarking and Munzee . A. 360° panoramic view of the site of the first geocache, placed by Dave Ulmer.

What is letterboxing and how does it work?

Letterboxing is another form of treasure hunting that uses clues instead of coordinates. In some cases, the letterbox owner has made their container both a letterbox and a geocache and posted its coordinates on

What is a Letterbox hybrid cache?

A Letterbox Hybrid Cache is a combination of a geocache and a letterbox in the same container. A letterbox has a rubber stamp and a logbook instead of tradable items. Letterboxers carry their own stamp with them, to stamp the letterbox’s log book and inversely stamp their personal log book with the letterbox stamp.