Is October a good time to visit Lake Garda?

Is October a good time to visit Lake Garda?

From water sports to hiking trails and luxury hotels, there are a lot of things to do in Lake Garda. It’s a part of the country that sees visitors arriving all year round, and October is a brilliant month to visit for those who prefer cooler temperatures and quieter surroundings.

What is Lake Garda like in October?

The average high in Lake Garda is 19ºC in October. This cools to quite a chilly 8ºC at night so you should bring some warmer clothes for the evenings. Humidity’s low, while there’s 84mm of rain over eight days. You can expect 11 hours of daylight with five hours of sunshine at a moderate UV level.

Can you swim in Lake Garda in October?

As a general guide, we have found that the lake is pleasantly warm enough to swim in from about May through to September/October time (see water temperature guide) . Swimming in Lake Garda is also probably more relaxing away from the busy areas, such as Torbole, where there can be tons of windsurfers.

What is the best month to visit Lake Garda?

The best times to visit Lake Garda are spring and early summer, and in particular, from mid-April to mid-June. September, too, is a good month.

Is Italy still hot in October?

In October, the weather in Italy is still nice and warm, the summer crowds are a thing of the past, and prices for accommodation and transport are much more affordable compared to the busier high-season months. It is usually still warm enough for the beach, especially in Southern Italy.

How hot is southern Italy in October?

Central Italy: 55-70°F (13-21°C) Southern Italy: 65-75°F (18-24°C)

How hot is Lake Garda in September?

25 C
Average temp is 25 C (77F) and gets about 3″ of rain on average for the month of September.

Where is hot in October?

The hottest places to go on holiday in October Cancun (32.9 °C) Marrakech (28.3 °C) Sharm El Sheikh (28 °C) Lanzarote (26.8 °C)

What is there to do in Lake Garda in October?

5 Reasons to visit Lake Garda in October

  • Take advantage of the reduced prices on boat and ferry trips around the lake.
  • Avoid the crowds.
  • Enjoy a wine tour.
  • You can enjoy many outdoors activities-golfing, fishing, cycling, walking, tennis.
  • 5.Be spontaneous and enjoy a meal in an agriturismo.

Which is the best town to stay in Lake Garda?

Best Towns to Stay in Lake Garda


Is Lake Garda hot in September?

As autumn begins the whole area is still enjoying a lot of this warmth, with the average high temperature in Lake Garda in September at 24°C. Despite these warm temperatures and sunny conditions, September is also one of the wettest months of the year at Lake Garda.