Is ology Latin or Greek?

Is ology Latin or Greek?

the root word nouns that refer to kinds of speech, writing or collections of writing, e.g., eulogy or trilogy. In words of this type, the “-logy” element is derived from the Greek noun λόγος (logos, ‘speech’, ‘account’, ‘story’). The suffix has the sense of “[a certain kind of] speaking or writing”.

Where does the root word ology come from?

(Greek: a suffix meaning: to talk, to speak; a branch of knowledge; any science or academic field that ends in -ology which is a variant of -logy; a person who speaks in a certain manner; someone who deals with certain topics or subjects) The word -ology is a back-formation from the names of certain disciplines.

Why is it called ology?

Both astrology and astronomy have Greek roots, and they share the prefix astro- which means, of course, “star.” The suffix -ology means “knowledge” or “science.”

What is the meaning of the Greek root word ology?

The suffix ology is commonly used in the English language to denote a field of study. Logy is a suffix in the English language, used with words originally adapted from Ancient Greek ending in -λογία (-logia).

What is the study of ology?

ology. (Science: study) A colloquial or humorous name for any science or branch of knowledge. He had a smattering of mechanics, of physiology, geology, mineralogy, and all other ologies whatsoever. (

What words have the suffix ology?


  • anthropology.
  • epidemiology.
  • microbiology.
  • pharmacology.
  • epistemology.
  • rheumatology.
  • parasitology.
  • ecclesiology.

Does ology mean study of?

The definition of an ology is a branch of learning. An example of ology is ecology which is the study of how living things relate to their surroundings.

Is ology a base word?

OK, ologist itself isn’t an actual word; rather it’s a root word, which stems from ology, meaning “any science or branch of knowledge.” When you add various combining forms to ologist, you get terms that refer to the people who are experts in a particular science or branch of knowledge.

Is ology a root or suffix?

What is an example of ology?

What ends in ology?

What words start with Ology?

Ology Words starting with A. Acarology. The study of mites and tricks. Accidentology. The

What does the Latin root “ology” mean?

ology. This ROOT–WORD is the Suffix OLOGY which means STUDY OF, SCIENCE OF & THEORY OF. People Also Asked, What are some words that start with ology? anthropology. epidemiology. microbiology. pharmacology.

How to pronounce ology?

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  • What are the types of Ology?

    Anthology,a collection of literary pieces (such as poems)

  • Apology a statement of regret.
  • Chronology is the arrangement or setting out of past events in order of occurrence; the recording of historical events in date sequence.
  • Deontology,the ethical theory concerned with duties and rights
  • Doxology,a spoken or sung end of a prayer.