Is Olympus Mju II worth it?

Is Olympus Mju II worth it?

The MJU ii does an incredible job with exposure, the 35/2.8 lens that it’s equipped with is fast and sharp. Since June I’ve gone through 3 MJU ii’s, they are getting old and they don’t last long, it’s something to keep in mind if you’re on a budget. Don’t except these little cameras to last long or be durable.

How much is Olympus Mju II worth?

Olympus: Mju II (Infinity Stylus Epic)

Average Very good Mint
$90-100 $120-140 $180-200
Estimate value accuracy:

What film does Olympus Mju II take?

Film format: 35mm DX-coded film, ISO 50-3200.

What is Olympus Mju?

The Olympus mju (Greek letter μ[mju:], Olympus Stylus in North America) is a series of compact film and digital cameras manufactured by Olympus.

Is all 35mm film DX coded?

All brands of 35mm film that we see available now from Kodak, Ilford, and many others still use DX encoding. DX coding is something that many film photographers will already be familiar with. But if you’ve always wondered what those funny black & chrome squares are on your rolls of film, now you know.

Does it matter what film camera you use?

Fundamentally there are only two things you need in a film camera; any camera for that matter. You need it to be able to focus, i.e. take a sharp/not blurred photo; and you need there to be some control over exposure.

Why are Olympus Stylus cameras so expensive?

Olympus has the 5 axis image stabilization built into the camera most DSLR’s have this built into the lenses, this raises the price point a bit of the camera body.

How much does it cost to develop film?

How Much Does It Cost? Developing film can become expensive so you want to get the best bang for your buck. It can cost anywhere from $9.96 to $17.99 (not including taxes) to develop one roll of 35mm film at a local retail store.

Is the Olympus Mju 1 GOOD?

The Olympus Mju-1 has a relatively slow f3. 5 lens. Wide-open it tends to be a little soft in the corners but not annoyingly so. The low-light performance without flash is passable but not great.

Is Olympus Mju and Stylus the same?

The Stylus infinity is the American market Mju I. The Mju II equivalent is called Stylus Epic in the US.

Are all films DX coded?

Is Kodak Gold 200 DX code?

Kodak Gold 200 is a 5500k daylight balanced, ISO 200, colour negative 35mm film that’s available in rolls of 24 or 36 exposures. It has the DX code 512504 and is developed using the regular C-41 process.

How good is the Olympus mju II zoom 80 Panorama?

The Mju II Zoom winds out the flash every time it’s opened, whether you’re going to use it or not. For a relatively small compact, it’s not terribly discreet. Back in the car, I finally battery test it and all is well. Slide back the lens cover and the Olympus Mju II Zoom 80 Panorama whirrs to life with a flourish I don’t think I’d ever tire of.

Is the Olympus mju II part of the Stylus Epic series?

I’ve seen the MJU II referred to as part of the Stylus Epic series and also referenced with the Olympus MJU II “Zoom 80.” I am only interested in the MJU II, so would the zoom 80 and Stylus Epic models serve to be the same? What is the difference between the Zoom 80 and the regular MJU II? Thank you! Everything!

When did the Olympus zoom 80 come out?

Known as the Olympus Stylus Epic ZOOM 80 in the US, this was a 35mm compact camera from the very successful mju/Stylus/Epic series, and was introduced by Olympus in 1999. There were several revisions of this camera, which was available in black, silver, and tinged with gold.

Which is better mju II or mju zoom?

The Mju Zoom 80 meters and focuses just as accurately as its fixed-lens sibling, but shares its frustrating lack of flash mode memory. I found the half-press on the Zoom significantly easier to find than the hair trigger one on my Mju II, though that might just be a factor of this camera being virtually box fresh and mine being heavily weathered.