Is orbot a proxy app?

Is orbot a proxy app?

Orbot is a proxy app. A proxy is essentially a gateway from your computer to the internet. Using a proxy app that lets the other apps you use, use the internet safer can make you feel a lot better. That’s exactly what Orbot does.

Can I run Orbot on my PC?

You’ve read that Orbot wasn’t dedicated as a computer application but that isn’t to say you can’t run it on your PC. What you need to make this happen is a little app called an emulator.

Why should I use Orbot?

You could use Orbot for a number of reasons. The main being to feel more secure when making purchases using a card online. You might not know if the website you’re purchasing on is secure and even if it is, some people still don’t trust it and that’s okay. You can also use Orbot on your PC for business activities that you’d like kept confidential.