Is Patema Inverted on Crunchyroll?

Is Patema Inverted on Crunchyroll?

Patema Inverted – Watch on Crunchyroll.

Is Patema Inverted based on Upside Down?

Both the live-action Upside Down from Canada and the anime Patema Inverted from Japan feature the idea of opposite gravities: people walking on the ceilings, objects falling up, and the unlikelihood of two oppositely oriented young people overcoming the hatred of their politically hostile worlds.

What happened in Patema Inverted?

A clear Fukushima allegory, “Patema Inverted” takes place after a freak accident, spurned by men trying to experiment with Mother Nature, essentially eliminates gravity for a large percentage of the world. People, buildings, foliage—all of it sent spinning above the clouds.

Does Patema inverted have a English dub?

British distributor Anime Limited announced the English dub cast on Monday for its Kickstarter -funded home video release of the anime film Patema Inverted . The dub will be recorded at NYAV Post with time coding by Kirsten Perotti .

Is Patema inverted dub?

Patema is a plucky young girl from an underground civilization boasting an incredible network of tunnels. Inspired by a friend that mysteriously went missing, she is often reprimanded due to her constant excursions of these tunnels due to her royal status.

Is Patema Inverted dystopian?

Patema Inverted takes place in a Big Brother-style dystopia. The government uses pseudo-religion to keep the next generation in line, teaching them to despise the Inverts: people who live upside-down lives… literally. until he stumbles across the spunky and inquisitive Princess Patema, an Invert.

Is Patema Inverted series?

Patema Inverted (サカサマのパテマ, Sakasama no Patema) is a 2013 Japanese animated science fiction film written and directed by Yasuhiro Yoshiura. A four-episode original net animation (ONA) series, Patema Inverted: Beginning of the Day, streamed in 2012.

How long is Patema Inverted?

1h 39mPatema Inverted / Running time

When was Patema Inverted released in Japan?

It was released in Japan on November 9, 2013. A four-episode original net animation (ONA) series, Patema Inverted: Beginning of the Day, streamed in 2012.

What happened to Patema in AIGA?

Patema falls outside the fence bordering Aiga. Eiji, another teenager, finds her on the fence. Her gravity is inverted from his. After carrying her safely to the ground, he takes her to a nearby shed, where they learn about each other’s worlds.

How did Patema and Eiji get captured?

Aiga’s controlling leader, Izamura, discovers Patema’s presence and orders his troops to capture her. Eiji discovers that by holding Patema, her inverted gravity makes him lighter, reducing the speed at which he falls. They evade the troops, but are soon captured.