Is Peugeot 107 a good car?

Is Peugeot 107 a good car?

The 107 drives reasonably well, too, with capable handling and a great little engine. The ride is a touch firm and refinement isn’t great, but neither problem is serious enough to spoil the experience. Rear space is tight, though, and the boot is tiny.

Is the Peugeot 107 still made?

The three were manufactured at the Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile Czech assembly joint venture in Kolín, Czech Republic. The 107 is a four-seater available as a three or five-door hatchback, replacing the 106, which ended production in July 2003….

Peugeot 107
Predecessor Peugeot 106 Peugeot 1007
Successor Peugeot 108

What are the most common problems with a used Peugeot 107 hatchback?

Peugeot 107 Common Problems and Solutions

  • Rusty Exhaust Box. Problem:
  • Malfunction Dashboard Readouts. Problem:
  • Beeping Sound (All Models with Multi-Mode Transmission) Problem:
  • Car Has Stopped. Problem:
  • Whirring Sound. Problem:
  • Extremely Loud Engine. Problem:
  • Power steering problems. Problem:
  • Poor idling. Problem:

How many miles will a Peugeot 107 go?

Ownership cost Running costs are minuscule. The small engine will return a fantastic average of 61.4mpg, and this means you’ll be able to travel more than 470 miles on a single tank of fuel.

Is the Peugeot 107 Safe?

Like its co-developed sister cars, the Citroen C1 and Toyota Ago, the Peugeot 107 carries a three-star rating from safety body Euro NCAP. In crash tests it was awarded a score of 68& for adult occupant safety, 73% for child occupant safety and 53% for pedestrian safety.

Is a Peugeot 107 a good first car?

Here we have another little 107 which make great town cars or first time cars they are extremely cheap to run with fantastic fuel consumption and low tax and insurance. Nice condition inside and out and a very solid drive with no knocks or bangs.

Is Peugeot 107 automatic?

You can buy a 107 with automatic and manual transmissions. Just 9% of them have an automatic transmission. To get the best automatic for your money we advise selecting a 2013 year model that has less than 49,143 miles on the clock.

What horsepower is a Peugeot 107?

Peugeot 107 1.0i Engine Technical Data
Aspiration : N/A
Compression Ratio : 10.5
Maximum power – Output – Horsepower : 68 PS or 67 bhp or 50 kW @ 6000 rpm
Maximum torque : 93 Nm or 68 lb.ft @ 3600 rpm

Is Peugeot 107 safe on motorway?

The engine doesn’t have enough power to cope well with motorway speeds and it gets very noisy. Wind and road noise levels are bad, too, as the interior isn’t very well insulated. What’s more, you feel very vulnerable next to lorries and SUVs from inside the little 107 – especially on the motorway.

Do you pay road tax on a Peugeot 107?

Peugeot 107 (2005 – 2014) road tax It is only ever paid once, when the car leaves the showroom, and is always rolled into a car’s full “on the road” price, so is the least visible of the road tax rates that may be applied to a car during its lifespan.

Can Peugeot 107 go on the motorway?

You’ll find the 107 struggles on the open road, however. The engine doesn’t have enough power to cope well with motorway speeds and it gets very noisy. And because the engine has to work overtime just to maintain speeds over 60mph, you’ll find overtaking takes an age.

Is Peugeot 107 a good first car?