Is Phi Kappa Psi a good fraternity?

Is Phi Kappa Psi a good fraternity?

Phi Kappa Psi is committed to the academic success of its members; in fact it is our top priority. We exist to compliment and support the academic experience of each member of Phi Kappa Psi. On many campuses across the country, Phi Kappa Psi ranks among the top groups in GPA.

How many active Phi Psi chapters are there?

93 chapters
There are 93 chapters and three colonies at accredited four year colleges and universities throughout the United States. More than 112,000 men have been initiated into Phi Kappa Psi since its founding.

Why was Phi Psi founded?

While caring for those who had contracted the contagious disease, the two formed a strong and lasting bond. The following year, Letterman and Moore decided to create a fraternity based on the joy they gained from helping others. On February 19, 1852, Phi Kappa Psi was formed.

Is Phi Kappa Phi worth?

Founded in 1897 at the University of Maine, Phi Kappa Phi is one of the best honor societies, and is also the most selective honor society for all academic disciplines, accepting only members in the top 7.5% of their second semester. For graduate students, they accept only the top 10 percent of students.

What does Kappa Psi stand for?

Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Incorporated
Website. Kappa Psi homepage. Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Incorporated, (ΚΨ) is the largest professional pharmaceutical fraternity in the world with more than 6,000 student members and more than 87,000 alumni members.

What GPA do you need for Phi Kappa Phi?

Both require superior scholarship and good character as criteria for membership. Seniors: Departments may nominate up to 7.5 percent of seniors of exceptional academic quality, of good character, and with a minimum grade point average (g.p.a.) of 3.5 and a class ranking in the top 10 percent.

What is the Pi Kappa Phi Hall of Fame?

The Pi Kappa Phi Hall of Fame consists of distinguished alumni members who have brought honor to their fraternity through lifetime achievement in their career. Started in 1965, the Mr. Pi Kappa Phi award is the fraternity’s highest and most prestigious honor to be bestowed upon a member.

Who are some famous people who are Phi Kappa Psi?

Michael D. Eisner – Delta Upsilon – Denison 1964 – Chairman and CEO of Walt Disney Co. Michael Bloomberg – Phi Kappa Psi – Maryland Alpha 1961 – Founder – Bloomberg L.P.; Mayor – New York City, 2002-2013 Jerry Yang – Phi Kappa Psi – California Beta 1987 – Co-Founder Yahoo!

Who were the presidents of the Phi Kappa Theta sorority?

John F. Kennedy – Phi Kappa Theta – Massachusetts Lambda – thirty-fifth President of the United States Chester A. Arthur – Psi Upsilon – Theta 1848 (Union College) – vice president of the United States in 1880; became president following Garfield’s assassination

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