Is Reverso app free?

Is Reverso app free?

Reverso Context is a free mobile app available for iOS and Android phones and tablets.

How good is Reverso translation?

From Google search: Reverso Context–very useful app! It translates words (as well as phrases, although not as well) based on sentences it’s found in movie scripts and the like, so it’s actually pretty accurate on how words are used, rather than a literal translation.

Is Reverso safe?

Reverso has a consumer rating of 4 stars from 3 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Reverso ranks 9th among Dictionary sites.

What is Reverso EXE?

Language learning company Reverso is launching its desktop app for macOS and Windows. Like on mobile, it lets you access a translation dictionary and get examples in context. You can highlight a word or a few words in any app and search for those words in Reverso with a keyboard shortcut.

Can I use Reverso offline?

Lists remain available even when you’re offline. * Enjoy natural pronunciation of complete example sentences. * One click to get translations, frequency details, and conjugation when applicable.

Is Reverso better than Google Translate?

Reverso is a website that offers users not only a tool for translation, but also a grammar and conjugation section in several languages. Google Translate, on the other hand, only offers translation but has the added bonus of being able to translate web pages directly from the Google Chrome browser.

Is Reverso a good app?

This app is very good and helpful especially with the Dutch language (the Spanish ones are good too). There is a verbatim translation feature that is not always accurate for long, complex, hyper specific phrases but it still beats google translate by many miles.

How much does Reverso Context cost?

Reverso Context pricing Reverso Context has a free version and does not offer a free trial. Reverso Context paid version starts at USD 6.50/month.

What is Reverso website?

Reverso is a company specialized in AI-based language tools translation aids and language services. These include online translation based on NMT (Neural Machine Translation), contextual dictionaries, online bilingual concordances, grammar and spell checking and conjugation tools.

What is Reverso context in Apple music?

Reverso Context is based on data gathered from millions of real-life texts (official documents, movie subtitles, product descriptions) in both languages. * Instantly translate selected text when reading content on your browser, iBook or any other app, with no need to exit the app you are using.

Is Poliglu translator legit?

Another reviewer described Poliglu as “extremely excellent,” He recommends the device to the world as an effective communication tool. One reviewer described Poliglu as “extremely excellent,” claiming it was handy and easy to use – even for her grandparents.

Is DeepL translator safe?

We guarantee every DeepL Pro subscriber that we never store the texts they translate. With this guarantee, under European Union law, you can be sure that you and your clients’ texts are as secure as possible. The security of company reports, patents, corporate emails, and customer data is of utmost importance.

What is Reverso app?

This app is brought to you by Reverso publisher of the famous language website and provider of language technologies for large multinational corporations. – Instant Translation in 15 major languages (French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic, Romanian, Polish, Turkish)

How do I use Reverso?

Select text from any application (Word, PowerPoint, Gmail etc.) A simple keyboard shortcut enables you to instantly translate your selection. Enjoy natural-sounding, accurate translations with the latest AI technology from Reverso, already used in some of the biggest enterprises and translation companies.

What is the fastest way to use Reverso?

Reverso for Windows. The fastest, easiest way to use Reverso. Download for free Download for macOS. Translate text from any app or website in just one click. Select text from any application (Word, PowerPoint, Gmail etc.) A simple keyboard shortcut enables you to instantly translate your selection.

What is Reverso?

It’s magic, and it’s free. Teachers or translators, students or business professionals, beginners or advanced learners use Reverso to enrich their vocabulary and read, write, and speak with more accuracy and confidence.