Is RGS Guildford a good school?

Is RGS Guildford a good school?

The RGS has an academic record to be proud of. It’s one of the top all-boys’ schools in the country at both A Level and GCSE., and ranks within the top 50 secondary schools in the UK. In 2020 at GCSE, 53% of all grades were Grade 9 and 79% of grades were Grade 8 – 9.

Which school sends most students to Oxbridge?

Full Top 100

X.1 School Type
1 Westminster School, London Independent
2 Hills Road College, Cambridge State (sixth form)
3 Eton College, Windsor Independent
4 Peter Symonds College, Winchester State (sixth form)

Is RGS a private school?

Welcome to our Independent School Surrey | RGS Guildford.

Who owns RGS Dubai?

Majid Al Futtaim’s
Located within Majid Al Futtaim’s exciting new Tilal Al Ghaf development between Dubai Motor City and Sports City, our school is a vibrant hub where education goes beyond the classroom. It is a welcoming space where pupils, teachers, parents and the local community come together.

Who owns Royal Grammar?

Majid Al Futtaim group
It will be part of a major new development by the Majid Al Futtaim group, owner of Mall of the Emirates, Vox Cinemas, Little Explorers and Magic Planet. Like RGS Guildford in the United Kingdom, the Dubai school follows the British curriculum from three years to 18 years of age.

Which schools are in Oxbridge?

The Sutton Trust maintains that the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge recruit disproportionately from 8 schools (Westminster School, Eton College, Hills Road Sixth Form College, St Paul’s School, Peter Symonds College, St Paul’s Girls’ School, King’s College School, Magdalen College School).

Which schools send the most students to Oxford?

Using published figures, among the schools and colleges with the highest number of Oxbridge admissions are: Westminster School, London (independent) – an average of 70-80 pupils each year have been offered places at Oxford and Cambridge in the last five years, the school says.

How many pupils RGS Guildford?

Royal Grammar School, Guildford

Royal Grammar School
Enrolment 900~
Houses Austen Beckingham Hamonde Nettles Powell Valpy
Colour(s) Red, Green, White
Publication The Guildfordian

How much is Guildford Grammar?

Primary school fees at Guildford Grammar School

Grade/Year Fee
Kinder $13,599
Prep $13,599
Grade 1 $13,957
Grade 2 $13,957

How many Singaporeans get into Cambridge?

Oxford and Cambridge application for Singaporean students

University Applicants Successful
York 23725 3701
Imperial 14801 2377
Oxford 18194 3237
Cambridge 15507 3261

Where do Eton students go to University?

Etonians have a tradition of going on to study at Oxford, with Prime Ministers David Cameron and Boris Johnson both having studied there. Eton College also received the most offers from Edingburgh University, but it placed a lot lower for other universities including Manchester, Imperial, Kings, and UCL.

Is RGS a fee paying school?

School Fees There is a 10% discount available for a third sibling, whilst all three children are at RGS Worcester, effective when the youngest child reaches Year One. School fees are charged in advance and are due on or before the first day of term.

Is the Royal Grammar School Guildford expanding globally?

The school is expanding globally. The Royal Grammar School Guildford in Qatar was established in 2016, and it opened a co-educational school for boys and girls aged 3 to 18 years in Dubai in September 2021; the Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai initially opens with its Early Years and Prep school sections.

Why choose RGS Guildford sixth form?

So, it’s not unusual to see the RGS boys co-performing with girls in drama productions and music concerts, enjoying joint trips and expeditions, and learning together through the General Studies programme in the Sixth Form; there are even organised social events. Engaging and energetic, Dr Jon Cox has been headmaster of RGS Guildford since 2007.

Who is the headmaster of RGS Guildford?

Engaging and energetic, Dr Jon Cox has been headmaster of RGS Guildford since 2007. Describing himself as lucky to working at “the best school ever”, Dr Cox has introduced several changes to the school over the past 15 years to move away from its reputation as “an exam factory”.

What are the best schools for boys in Guildford?

One of the most academically successful schools in the UK, RGS Guildford offers an education that is tailored for boys. This all-boys school for 11 to 18-year-olds combines a traditional, rigorous grammar school ethos with a forward-thinking approach that “prepares young people for the test of life, not a life of tests”.