Is Schutt going out of business?

Is Schutt going out of business?

The former operator of century-old sports-equipment company Schutt Sports Inc., which signed a deal in 2018 to supply bases, home plates and pitching rubbers to Major League Baseball, is planning to go out of business after selling its assets and filing for bankruptcy. “We are going to take over the business.”

Did Schutt buy Vicis?

By Andrew Cohen April 13, 2020. The remaining assets of football helmet manufacturer VICIS have been acquired by Innovatus Capital Partners for $2.85 million, according to GeekWire. Last October, Innovatus made an $18 million investment in Schutt, a leading helmet manufacturer and rival to VICIS.

Where is Schutt located?

Schutt Sports

Type Private
Headquarters Litchfield, IL , U.S.
Area served U.S.
Products Football and baseball helmets, jockstraps, shoulder pads, sportswear
Parent Kranos Corp.

Does the NFL use Schutt helmets?

How many NFL players use Schutt helmets? In the NFL, we’re at about 36 percent.

Where are Schutt helmets made?

All of the batters helmets in the Schutt lineup are made in the USA – manufactured, assembled and finished in the company’s facilities in Illinois. Schutt Sports is the largest domestic manufacturer of batters helmets in the USA.

Why did Vicis fail?

Insiders say the company put too much focus on grabbing market share from incumbents such as Riddell and Schutt, rather than turning a profit. The troubles came as a surprise to some shareholders. Vicis was unable to raise more cash before shutting down the company and laying off more than 100 employees in December.

Who owns Vicis now?

Innovatus Capital Partners
Vicis will maintain a Seattle presence, two years after the helmet maker went through a major and sudden downfall in 2019. Vicis is now owned by Certor Sports, a company that operates multiple sporting goods brands formed last year by New York City-based Innovatus Capital Partners.

Who owns Schutt Industries?

Jim Schutt
Jim Schutt is the founder of Schutt Industries. He has 45 years of trailer/enclosure manufacturing experience in the defense and commercial markets. Jim graduated high school in 1972 and worked his way up through the ranks at his previous place of employment.

Who invented Schutt helmets?

Bill Schutt
For almost 100 years, Schutt has created innovative and protective equipment for athletes around the world. Schutt sports begins in the back room of a hardware store in Litchfield, Ill., where Bill Schutt invents the metal eyelet used to attach nets to basketball rims and begins manufacturing basketball goals.