Is Sciences Po the Harvard of France?

Is Sciences Po the Harvard of France?

Harvard has a direct exchange agreement with the prestigious Institut d’Etudes Politiques/Sciences Po, Paris, for students proficient in French. The program is appropriate for concentrators in Government, Economics, Sociology and related areas.

Why is it called Sciences Po?

The Paris Institute is referred to as simply the Sciences Po because it is the school after which all other IEPs in France were modelled from the inception of the IEP system by Charles de Gaulle in 1945, apart from Strasbourg, which was created by the same law but with the status of an internal institute of the Robert …

Is Science Po private or public?

It originates in the “École libre des sciences politiques”, a private school founded in Paris in 1872 by Émile Boutmy….

Sciences Po
Former names École libre des sciences politiques
Type Public Higher Education Research Institution, Grande École
Established 1872
Budget €197 million

Is Sciences Po a private university?

Sciences Po has a dual governance model based on two bodies: the Fondation nationale des sciences politiques (FNSP), a private foundation, and the Institut d’études politiques de Paris (IEP), a public higher education institution.

Is Sciences Po Paris prestigious?

Sciences Po is regarded as one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning, a reputation bolstered among the international community as well. French students endure years of preparation for the entrance exam and once accepted their future seems set.

Is it hard to get into Sciences Po?

Nonetheless, Sciences Po maintains a rate of admission that fulfils the institution’s wish to preserve the selectivity of entry, with an overall acceptance rate of 18% (17% in 2018, 19% in 2017). In 2019, 46% of admitted students to the undergraduate college applied through the international procedure.

Is Sciences Po in English?

Sciences Po hosts 14,000 students – half are international, hailing from 150 countries. In order to recruit the best students from all around the world, Sciences Po offers programmes taught entirely in English at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Which Sciences Po is best?

In 2020, Sciences Po ranks in the top 50 worldwide in 5 disciplines, with significant leaps in several subjects:

  • 2nd in the world in Political Science and International Studies, up one rank from 2019.
  • 28th in Sociology (as in 2019)
  • 40th in Development Studies (top 100 in 2019)
  • 50th in the world in Law (top 100 in 2019)

What is Sciences Po famous for?

Sciences Po is a research university in the social sciences, internationally recognised for the quality of its scientific output. Developed with a strong focus on society, research conducted at Sciences Po enriches public debate.

Is studying at Sciences Po worth it?

So, is Sciences Po Paris PSIA worth it? Yes, absolutely. It is also more affordable, particularly for European students that can apply for financial aid.

Is LSE better than Sciences Po?

While a straight-up comparison in the rankings tables makes LSE the clear winner, Sciences Po’s differentiated course offering, strong faculty/student ratio and choice of locations in Paris and beyond will nonetheless give it the edge for many prospective social science students.

What does Sciences Po look for?

Sciences Po is looking for students who are motivated, intellectually curious, and committed to their studies.