Is Sears and cinch the same?

Is Sears and cinch the same?

Sears offers coverage for preventive maintenance while Cinch offers separate preventative maintenance plans, which customers can inquire about. Pricing for Sears plans is $49.99 to $69.99 per month where Cinch’s pricing varies greatly depending on the plan and state. The plans range from $27.99 to $96.99 per month.

Who owns cinch home services?

“Recent years have seen major changes in our space, with ease-of-use, full visibility and control becoming even more important to our nearly one million customers and the national partners who depend on us,” said Cinch CEO Steve Upshaw.

What did cinch home services used to be called?

Cinch Home Services, formerly known as Cross Country Home Services, is a home warranty company based in Boca Raton, Florida. With over 40 years of home industry experience, Cinch Home Services is one of the most experienced home warranty companies in the industry.

Who owns cinch home warranty?

BBVA USA has been selling Cross Country home warranties for about ten years, Geisen said. The original brand name for the home warranties was TotalProtect, but that has also now changed over to Cinch.

Did cinch buy Sears home warranty?

Sears Home Warranty operates under its parent company, Sears Holding Corporation, and its home warranty plans are underwritten by Cinch Home Services. The home warranty company offers a selection of three warranty plans that cover the cost of repairs or replacement for appliances and major home systems.

Is cinch home warranty legit?

Overall, Cinch Home Services may be a good option for you if you want comprehensive coverage for systems and appliances and protection for items that may have pre-existing conditions from a trustworthy company that offers an industry-leading 180-day workmanship guarantee and an extensive network of 18,000 technicians.

How long has cinch Home Services been in business?

Cinch Home Services was started in 1978 and its headquarters are in Boca Raton, Florida. The company reportedly provides service to over one million customers every year and received 16 Stevie Awards for customer service in 2021.

Does Sears still honor their warranty?

“We are honoring our warranties, protection agreements and guarantees as normal,” the statement reads. One corporate Sears representative explained to Business Insider that there are federal regulations to protect shoppers from this exact situation.

How long has cinch home Services been in business?

Are Sears Protection Agreements still good?

A: They are still valid at remaining Sears and Kmart stores. Q: Will appliance warranties be honored? A: Sears says it will honor them as long as it remains in business. However, Business Insider says if the chain decides to liquidate next year, then warranties could become worthless.

What is the best home warranty company?

The Best Home Warranty Companies in 2022

  • American Home Shield: Best Overall.
  • Choice Home Warranty: Best Basic Plan.
  • Select Home Warranty: Best Value.
  • Liberty Home Guard: Most Responsive.
  • Complete Care Home Warranty: Cheapest Service Fee.
  • First American Home Warranty: Best Appliance Coverage.

Can you cancel cinch home warranty?

Cancellation charges can be very high for home services companies, but Cinch Home Services has kept them within the lower range. You will have to pay $25 to cancel their services and you must inform the company at least 30 days before canceling.