Is senetti a cineraria?

Is senetti a cineraria?

Before reclassification, Senetti was known as a cineraria hybrid, but Senettis are nothing like seed-grown cineraria grown as a house plant. Their large, daisylike flowers bloom from early spring until summer.

Is senetti Hardy?

Secondly, is Senetti Hardy? Senetti plants will tolerate temperatures down to -1°C and produce flowers through to June. Once the flowers have faded, trim the plants back to 10-15cm above the compost and allow the plants to grow back for a second flush of flowers later in the year.

When did senetti come out in the US?

First introduced in 2004 to the North American market, Senetti varieties are now available to all growers as unrooted cuttings or rooted liners. The extending bloom season is paired with compact, sturdy foliage making it ideal for a potted crop program. This unique series is a perfect and profitable addition to your off-peak season lineup.

What does senetti look like?

Senetti are a very distinctive looking flower and come in various shades including purple, blue, indigo, violet, pink and magenta. Their bright colours and central white band make for a very appealing flower. They also greatly help with pollination.