Is Shimano Deore XT the same as XT?

Is Shimano Deore XT the same as XT?

Deore XT carries the big advantage of having the Shadow Plus technology (link), unlike the Deore which in the best case has the Shadow compact design. Simply put, the XT works faster, more accurately, more silently and doesn’t need regular service for adjustement.

Is Shimano Deore XT high end?

Shimano Deore XT sits one rung below the professional-grade XTR group. This 12-speed group has nearly all the top-end design features as XTR and offers all the performance most riders will ever need, but with a slight weight penalty.

Is Shimano Deore XT good?

The Deore XT 2020 groupset is a confident update to an already great product. With its huge range and 12-speed gearing, it’s shifting is market-leading, yet it sits at a reasonable price for the level of performance and weight. In short, it’s one of the best examples of mountain bike drivetrains.

Is Deore XT better than SLX?

Compared to the SLX, the new XT feels more crisp and of slightly more high-end quality. However, the price will show if it’s really worth the upgrade. On a purely functional basis, there is little to complain about on the entry-level groupset.

How many speed is Deore XT?

Starting with the highest end offerings and moving down we have Shimano XTR, Shimano XT, Shimano SLX, and Shimano Deore. All of these models are going to be 12 speed and can have up to a 10-51t rear cassette range. The most recently released is the Shimano Deore, just coming out a few months ago.

Are Shimano Deore components good?

There’s no denying that Shimano’s Deore 12-speed groupset offers some of the best value performance and reliability out there. It’s not without its faults, although they’re few and far between.

Does Deore XT have a clutch?

The clutch mechanism is simple. Installation is simple, the only added complication being that you must switch the clutch mechanism to the ‘off” position before tuning your gears. With the clutch off, the lower arm is free to move unrestricted, making it easier to set your cable tension etc.

How much is Shimano Deore XT groupset?

Comparing groupsets like-for-like is tricky. The price of Shimano’s Deore XT M8100 is £566.94 / $611.94 / AU$1,100, which pits it roughly against SRAM’s GX Eagle – costing £495 / €555 – but in terms of groupset hierarchies, it sits in a no-man’s land between GX Eagle and X01 Eagle.

Is Shimano Deore good?

The Shimano Deore is made for the sporty and novice riders. Many MTB riders will recommend this Shimano groupset to beginners who regularly want to take a brisk ride through the forest. The parts are durable and reliable and the price-performance ratio of this group is therefore very good.

How much is Deore XT?

The price of Shimano’s Deore XT M8100 is £566.94 / $611.94 / AU$1,100, which pits it roughly against SRAM’s GX Eagle – costing £495 / €555 – but in terms of groupset hierarchies, it sits in a no-man’s land between GX Eagle and X01 Eagle.

What is derailleur clutch?

The ‘clutch’ feature ensures tension is retained in the derailleur throughout its movement. Over rough ground, the weight of the chain can cause the rear derailleur to bounce and move, leading to chain noise and the possibility of it falling off the chainrings completely.

Should you cherry-pick the best bits of Shimano XT for Super groupsets?

Because Shimano’s tiers of parts perform so well and similarly, and are inter-compatible, I see no reason not to cherry-pick the best bits of XT to create your own super groupset that doesn’t compromise on weight, price or performance, though. Alex Evans is BikeRadar’s mountain bike technical editor.

What is an XT shifter and how does it work?

The XT shifter helps define the great feel of the whole groupset. The cable-pull lever’s travel is short and easy to operate, each shift feeling well-defined with a positive click as a gear is engaged. Double and triple shifts feel equally positive and don’t require additional force to engage.

What cassettes can I use with the Shimano XT?

The Micro Spline freehub standard is universal across Shimano’s 12-speed drivetrains – with XT being no exception – and makes it possible to use cassettes with a 10t smallest sprocket. The M8100 series cassette is available in two combinations: one with 10-45t range, the other a 10-51t range.

What is an XT bike?

XT is your solution for mountain biking today. Reliable shifting. Superior braking. Intuitive maintenance. XT is the high performance workhorse you can count on.