Is Showtime same as OSN?

Is Showtime same as OSN?

It had the exclusive rights to broadcast the Barclays Premier League in the Middle East and North Africa….Showtime Arabia.

Type Private
Defunct 2009
Fate Merged with Orbit Communications Company into OSN
Headquarters Dubai Media City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Egypt

Is Showtime available in UAE?

Showtime, which has 150,000 subscribers in the Gulf region, said it will bring new interactive technologies to the network where people will be able to play interactive games, or browse through the network with a custom-made PC attached to the decoder.

What is OSN streaming subscription?

What is OSN Streaming? An online streaming platform where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows, exclusive content from the world’s biggest studios, Arabic blockbuster movies, kids’ all-time favorites and much more. Watch whatever you want, whenever you want, from any device, without a single commercial ad.

What channels are on OSN?


  • OSN YH Cinema.
  • ART Aflam 1.
  • ART Aflam 2.
  • ART Cinema.
  • Alfa Cinema 1.
  • Alfa Cinema 2.
  • OSN Movies HD.
  • OSN Movies First HD.

How much is OSN monthly?

How much does OSN Streaming cost in the UAE? It starts at 35 aed/month and goes up from there if you want everything the normal OSN offer as well as its streaming service. If you sign up for an annual subscription you get it for $89.99/yr. or 330 aed/year, that’s a saving of 90 aed per year.

Is OSN for free?

These are just some of the things you’ll love about OSN Streaming: A 7-Day Free Trial for all new customers on the Monthly pack and a 1-Day Free Trial on the Weekly Pack. Exclusive award-winning series that are not available anywhere else.

How much is OSN in UAE?

How much does OSN Streaming cost?

For a weekly subscription AED 10 per week (VAT inclusive)
For a monthly subscription AED 35 per month (VAT inclusive)

How much is OSN streaming per month?

OSN’s new streaming service will launch on the evening of 2nd of April with a monthly subscription at 9.50 USD, and new users can enjoy a 7-day free trial. OSN streaming is available on, IOS and Android mobile apps, Apple TV, Android TV and Samsung and LG TVs.

How much does OSN streaming cost?

How much is OSN package?

What happened to OSN sports channels?

On March 31, 2019, all OSN Sports channels were shut down. OSN continued to broadcast cricket on a new channel, OSN Cric. On July 15, 2019, OSN Cric was shut down.

Is OSN free for Ooredoo?

Ooredoo and OSN Disney+ Originals is now here with Ooredoo! Enjoy your favourite Disney movies and series on the OSN Streaming App at no extra charge. Claim your gift via the Ooredoo App.