Is Snowdrop based on a true story?

Is Snowdrop based on a true story?

The beginning of Snowdrop is set in the spring of 1987, and although JTBC claims the plot is totally fictional and not connected to reality, for many Koreans it is because of the democracy movement.

Is Youth of May based on real story?

A historical fiction drama that revolves around young South Koreans in the city of Gwangju, May 1980. Like any other youth, they chase their passions. They chase love. They chase whatever, whomever makes their heart beat the fastest.

Does Youth of May have a sad ending?

Youth of May bows out with a poignant and sad ending, one that gives a bittersweet resolution to our story while also allowing the tragedy and the horrors of the Gwangju Uprising to hang heavy over this drama.

Is Youth of May finished?

Director Song Min Yeob of KBS 2TV’s “Youth of May” shared his thoughts on the drama’s conclusion! The drama ended on June 9 with solid average nationwide viewership ratings of 4.6 and 5.6 percent, which was close to its personal best of 5.7 percent.

Why is Snowdrop so controversial?

Snowdrop uses South Korea’s history of the Democratic movement of 1987 as a backdrop for its K-drama storyline. Despite the K-drama’s slight rise in ratings, South Koreans still see Snowdrop as an insult to the individuals who took part in paving the way for the country’s first democratic elections.

Is Im Soo-Ho a North Korean spy?

Unknown to Yeong-ro and everyone else, Soo-ho is actually a North Korean spy tasked to bring a professor named Han I-seop over to the North. Six months later, as Soo-ho’s plan is about to succeed, they are intercepted by a team of ANSP agents, led by Lee Gang-mu.

Who is the old man in Youth of May?

Who is the man at the train station? During the very first episode we see a man wearing a hat standing at the train station. As news breaks about the Uprising, he begins sobbing while holding a locket in his hand. During the finale we learn that this man is Kim Kyung-Soo, the soldier who let Myung-Soo go in the woods.

Who is the skeleton in Youth of May?

Hee-tae is visited by Myung-soo (aw, who still calls him “Hyung”) and hears that they finally found Myung-hee. Confirming that the mystery skeleton is, in fact, our heroine. Hee-tae visits the police station to pick up the belongings, and he stops at the sight of the homeless man.

Is record of youth has happy ending?

As I wrote earlier, Record of Youth’s ending was never meant to be a ‘happy ending,’ it was meant to be a ‘real’ record of youth. “In your 20s, you learn to detach yourself from your parents’ influence. Now, we’re entering our 30s. The age at which you can no longer blame others,” Hye-joon said it best.

Is Im Soo Ho North Korean?

Jung Hae-in as Lim Soo-ho (27 years old), formerly named Lee Tae-san, alias Lim Soo-hyeok. He is a North Korean agent with a mission assigned in South Korea.

Why is Snowdrop called Snowdrop?

Snowdrops were named after earrings not drops of snow. There are more than 2,500 varieties of snowdrop. They are symbolic of spring, purity and religion. Snowdrops are one of the first flowers to appear in the new year.

Is Snowdrop completed?

Originally, ‘Snowdrop’ was scheduled to end on February 5, but episodes 15 and 16 will now be broadcast consecutively on January 30, from 10 pm KST (6:30 pm IST). According to JTBC, only the final episode would remain to air after the Lunar New Year, which is on February 1.