Is Stage 3b colon cancer curable?

Is Stage 3b colon cancer curable?

The stage of disease at the time of diagnosis is the single most important factor for predicting survival from the disease. In early stages, colon cancer is eminently curable, with expected 5-year survival rates of 90% or better….Table 2.

Site No. of patients
Colon, ascending 43
Appendix 1
Cecum 24

What is the most common type of staging used in colorectal cancer?

The staging system most often used for colorectal cancer is the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) TNM system, which is based on 3 key pieces of information: The extent (size) of the tumor (T): How far has the cancer grown into the wall of the colon or rectum?

How long can you live with Stage 4 colon?

Stage IV colon cancer has a relative 5-year survival rate of about 14%. This means that about 14% of people with stage IV colon cancer are likely to still be alive 5 years after they are diagnosed. But you’re not a number. No one, including your doctor, can tell you exactly how long you’ll live.

What is the prognosis of colon cancer?

For colon cancer, the overall 5-year survival rate for people is 64%. If the cancer is diagnosed at a localized stage, the survival rate is 91%. If the cancer has spread to surrounding tissues or organs and/or the regional lymph nodes, the 5-year survival rate is 72%.

What does colon cancer stage 3B mean?

Stage 3B The cancer has grown into the wall of the colon or rectum or through the visceral peritoneum (the inner lining of the abdominal cavity) but has not reached nearby organs. It has spread to 1 to 3 nearby lymph nodes or into areas of fat near the lymph nodes but not to distant sites (T3 or T4a, N1/N1c, M0).

What is the prognosis for Stage 3B colon cancer?

In general, for a patient with stage IIIb disease, the 5-year recurrence-free survival is about 50%. Now, if a patient takes chemotherapy with FOLFOX, that improves to almost 75%. For a patient with stage IIIb disease, I emphasize that the highest risk of recurrence is in the first 2 to 4 years.

What does Stage 3B colon cancer mean?

Is colon cancer curable if caught early?

“Overall, colorectal cancer is highly preventable, and if detected early, it’s also one of the most curable types of cancer,” Dr. Lipman notes. Up to 85% of colorectal cancers could be prevented or successfully treated if everyone who is eligible for a colonoscopy got screened.