Is subex a good company?

Is subex a good company?

Subex is a very good company focus on the customer experience for both internal and external customer.

Is subex a good company for freshers?

great atmosphere, low pay.

Is subex a MNC company?

Subex Limited is an Indian enterprise software company based in Bangalore, which provides digital trust products to communication service providers. The company is listed on BSE and NSE in India….Subex.

Type Public

Is there any bond in subex?

Bond – There will be no amount charged at the time of joining, only a bond of 2 years is to be signed on breach of which you shall be liable to pay Rs. On completion of 3 years with Subex, you shall be rewarded Rs. 1 Lakh.

How is Subex Quora?

How good is stock subex? – Quora. In absolute terms, that’s a satisfactory return, but compared to the Software industry average of 12% it’s much better. Historical performance is a great place to start when researching a stock so above you can see the gauge for Subex’s ROCE against it’s prior returns.

How many employees does Subex have?

Company Growth (employees)

Employees (est.) (Nov 2020) 800
Share Price (Jan 2021) ₹26.9
Cybersecurity rating B

Can Subex be a multibagger?

“one can initiate a long position in SUBEX at CMP of ₹54 or a fall in the price till 50 levels can be used as a buying opportunity for the upside target of ₹70 to ₹80, while the support is placed at around ₹40 levels, which could be considered as a stop loss on a closing basis,” said Sumeet Bagadia.

Is Subex debt free?

Subex had turned debt-free in January 2019.

How many employees does subex have?

Can we buy subex share?

You can easily buy Subex shares in Groww by creating a demat account and getting the KYC documents verified online.

Is Subex good for long term?

You can invest for long term but better to do value investing. Dividend Yield- 0.43%. Good time to consider, as stock is not in overbought zone.

Is subex debt-free?

Is Mouthshut a good company to use?

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What does Subex do?

Visit our website for more insights on what we do. Subex is a pioneer in the space of Digital Trust, providing solutions for 75% of the world’s top 50 telcos. Founded in 1992, the year when the video-telephone was launched, we have been part of the evolution of mobile technology.

Is Subex a good stock to buy?

Most of the IT stocks are over priced except SUBEX which is trading at the lowest bottom levels. With the Middle East market doing extremely good, business prospectus of SUBEX certainly going to improve only. Nothing wrong to buy and hold f… See more All 0 Like this Message.

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