Is Suffield Academy hard to get into?

Is Suffield Academy hard to get into?

Admission is highly selective; 1,000 students applied for the 120 available spaces in recent years. Students come from more than 20 American states and 30 countries. This is a wonderful place where each student is a key ingredient in our success. We hope you will come take a close look at Suffield.

What is the acceptance rate for Suffield Academy?

Acceptance Rate

Application Deadline Jan. 15 / rolling Jan. 15
SSAT Required No Yes
Average Percentile SSAT 70%
Acceptance Rate 24% 58%
Director of Admissions Sean Atkins

What Athletic League is Suffield Academy in?

Season Outlook Suffield Academy Wrestling is a small, yet competitive, program that competes in the NEPSAC division.

What type of school is Suffield Academy?

coeducational independent secondary school
Suffield Academy is a coeducational independent secondary school serving a diverse community of day and boarding students. Our school has a tradition of academic excellence combined with a strong work ethic. A commitment to scholarship and a respect for individual differences guide our teaching and curriculum.

Is Suffield Academy a boarding school?

Fourteen dormitories on campus house the boarding students with 90 faculty members serving as dormitory and student advisors as well as teachers and coaches….

Suffield Academy
Type Private boarding/day school
Motto Esse Quam Videri Latin: To be, rather than to seem
Founded 1833
President Frederic B. Powers III

How much is Deerfield Academy?

This information is based on our Current Year (2021-2022) Domestic Student Population….2021-2022 Income / Family Tuition Contribution Amounts at Deerfield Academy.

Family Income Avg. Family Contribution Family Contribution
$275,001+ $31,800 $7,000–52,000

How much is Cheshire Academy?

Tuition Cost

Endowment Size $16.3 million $25 million
Yearly Tuition (Boarding Students) $63,600 $59,750
Yearly Tuition (Day Students) $42,320 $32,900
Tuition international students $66,600 $53,975
Yearly Tuition (5 Day Boarding) $55,375 $44,100

What grades are at Suffield Academy?

Suffield Academy, founded in 1833, is an independent, nondenominational, coeducational secondary school enrolling students in grades 9-12 and postgraduate years. Suffield serves a diverse student body of boarding and day students from across the United States and from many foreign countries.

Is it hard to get into Deerfield Academy?

It is a four-year college-preparatory school with approximately 650 students and about 125 faculty, all of whom live on or near campus during the school year. Deerfield had a 16.8% acceptance rate for the 2019–20 school year.

What is Deerfield Academy known for?

Through an ever-evolving curriculum, Deerfield offers tools and teachers that encourage curiosity and entrepreneurial leadership in its diverse student body. Students’ grit and determination are fortified with the support and collaboration of other scholars, as they examine the world’s most pressing problems, together.

How do I apply for the Cheshire Academy?

Apply. Applications open annually on October 1st . In order to apply to Cheshire Academy, please complete and submit SSAT’s Standard Application Online (SAO). Within the SAO portal, all applicants are required to submit a student profile, transcripts, three recommendations, a parent statement and a few short essays.

Is Cheshire Academy a good school?

Cheshire High School 2021 Rankings Cheshire High School is ranked #1,448 in the National Rankings. Schools are ranked on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and how well they prepare students for college.