Is Suntour XCT good?

Is Suntour XCT good?

From the 100mm of travel, you can practically use 80, that is if you weigh over 90 kilograms….Suntour XCT 29 Review (2013)

Overall score:
SUMMARY Plus: Good price, compatible with 180mm rotor Minus: Low quality materials and craftsmanship, low performance, very heavy, flexes strongly especially when braking 1.5 OVERALL SCORE

Can you adjust SR Suntour forks?

Turn the adjusting screw counter-clockwise (less damping) to increase the compression speed of your fork. Turn it clockwise (more damping) to reduce the compression speed. rebound damping allows you to adjust the speed with which the fork rebounds after it was compressed.

How do I remove remote lockout?

All you have to do:

  1. Have a friend handy.
  2. Remove the remote, but save the cable and leave the fix screw on the lockout loose.
  3. Cut the cable to be about 10” long.
  4. Thread cable backwards into the lockout barrel (top-left of image, cable going down)
  5. Have that friend hold the lockout open (unlocked)

Which is better Suntour XCT or Xcr?

Registered. XCR is really similar to the XCM but is a lighter build, which, given the coil, functionally makes them very close. The XCT is almost a hybrid fork. The build is much less dialed, and it isn’t really meant for riding where the front wheel spends much time off the ground.

How do I know if my suntour serial number is real?

On the left side of the lower you should find a sticker. This is for model identification. The needled number on the crown is for production date identification.

How do I replace the fork on my SR SunTour suspension?

FORK ASSEMBLY 1. Remove the old fork from your bicycle. Remove the headset cup from the fork. 2. Measure the length of the steerer tube of your old fork and compare it to the length of the steerer tube of the SR SUNTOUR fork. The standard length of SR SUNTOUR suspension fork steerer tubes is 255 mm.

Why choose SR SunTour spare parts?

SR SUNTOUR suspension systems are designed as a single integrated system. To avoid product malfunction and an accident, only use genuine SR SUNTOUR spare parts. The use of third-party supplier spare parts also Ì voids the warranty of your suspension system.

What is the ìsr SunTour suspension system?

Ì the warranty. ÌSR SUNTOUR suspension system is designed for use by a single rider. Select the correct suspension system according to your frame’s dimensions and your personal riding style. Installing a suspension system which does not match the geometry of your frame could result into a failure of

What should I do if I have any questions about SR SunTour?

If you have any doubt whatsoever regarding the use or maintenance of any SR SUNTOUR product, please contact SR SUNTOUR. Failure to follow these warnings and instructions can result in product malfunction, causing an accident, severe injury or death. WARNING!