Is Takeuchi a good brand?

Is Takeuchi a good brand?

Takeuchi has a half-century of experience making heavy equipment for the construction industry. This long track-record has earned the Japanese company a well-deserved reputation for offering machines that meet high standards for performance and operator comfort while also being reliable and durable.

What does a TB 135 weigh?

Operating Specifications

Alternator Supplied Amperage 40 A
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 22.5 gal (85 l)
Hydraulic System Relief Valve Pressure 3000 psi
Operating Voltage 12 V V
Operating Weight 7831 lbs (3,552 kg)

What engine is in Takeuchi excavator?

Powered by a Tier 4 Final Deutz TCD 3.6-liter turbocharged diesel engine, the TB2150 produces 114 hp, a 10 percent increase over the previous version. It also delivers 339 ft-lbs of torque, a 19 percent increase.

How much does a tb240 weight?

TB240 Specs

Operating Weight – Canopy 8,570 lb (3,890 kg)
Operating Weight – Cab 8,990 lb (4,080 kg)
Maximum Bucket Breakout Force 9,959 lb (4,517 kg)
Maximum Arm Digging Force 4,110 lb (1,864 kg)

How much does a Takeuchi mini excavator weight?

Power and efficiency in a small frame Tackle any size project or application with a Takeuchi compact excavator, with engine powers ranging from 11.7 – 114 HP and operating weights from 2,535 – 35,274 lb.

How wide is a Takeuchi?


Upper Structure Overall Width 6′ 10.5″ (2,095 mm)
Ground Clearance 13.2″ (335 mm)
Undercarriage Length 8′ 5.4″ (2,575 mm)
Undercarriage Width 6′ 10.7″ (2,100 mm)

Is Takeuchi and Kubota the same?

Takeuchi skid steers typically run Kubota engines. That means that for almost any sort of repair Kubota owners have to call out a dealership repair technician.

Where is Takeuchi made?

Takeuchi was built on innovation more than 50 years ago in Japan, and that commitment continues today with five group companies worldwide (Japan, U.S., U.K., France and China). Now, all of these locations are working together through a single global vision: strengthening the Takeuchi brand.

How much does a Takeuchi tb235 weight?

7,639 lb
TB235-2 Specs

Operating Weight (Cab) 7,639 lb (3,465 kg)
Maximum Bucket Breakout Force 9,127 lb (4,140 kg)
Maximum Arm Digging Force 3,889 lb (1,764 kg)
Arm Length 4 ft 9.0 in (1,445 mm)

What is the largest Takeuchi excavator?

The TB2150 is the largest, most capable excavator in the Takeuchi lineup. At 34,480 pounds, the machine delivers greater functionality, performance, comfort, and serviceability over the previous TB1140 SERIES 2 model. The TB2150 offers a maximum digging depth of 18 ft.

Who makes engines for Takeuchi?

DEUTZ AG: DEUTZ to supply engines to Japanese construction machinery manufacturer Takeuchi.

Where are Takeuchi excavators made?

(株式会社竹内製作所, Kabushiki-gaisha Takeuchi Seisakujo) is Japanese heavy-machinery company that produces mini excavators, hydraulic excavators, and crawler loaders….Takeuchi Manufacturing.

The head office of Takeuchi in Sakaki, Nagano, Japan
Founded Sakaki (August 21, 1963)
Headquarters Sakaki, Hanishina district, Nagano Prefecture 389-0605, Japan