Is Tasmania colder than Ireland?

Is Tasmania colder than Ireland?

Generally speaking, despite being the coldest part of Australia, most of Tasmania is warmer and dryer than most of the UK.

Is Tasmania like Ireland?

Tasmania is 68,332 square kilometres (26,383 square miles) in area. The distance from north to south is about 364 kilometres (226 miles), and from east to west about 306 kilometres (190 miles). It is about the same size as Ireland, Switzerland or the state of West Virginia in the USA.

Is Hobart cold in winter?

The average temperature in Hobart ranges from 8.7 °C (47.7 °F) in July to 18 °C (64 °F) in January. So, summer is cool, but winter is mild, although the wind can exacerbate the sensation of cold. In Hobart, in the coldest nights, the temperature can drop to around freezing (0 °C or 32 °F) or slightly below.

What is the coldest month in Hobart?

The hottest month of the year in Hobart is February, with an average high of 70°F and low of 55°F. The cool season lasts for 3.1 months, from May 27 to August 30, with an average daily high temperature below 56°F. The coldest month of the year in Hobart is July, with an average low of 41°F and high of 53°F.

Are there any natural disasters in Hobart?

Hobart is a city known for its risk of catastrophic fire, such as the devastating wildfires of 1897-98 and 1967. As the second-driest city in Australia, until last week it was easy to forget that Hobart is also vulnerable to serious flooding.

Is Tasmania always windy?

Tasmania’s wind and weather are dominated by a persistent belt of westerly winds that extend across the state throughout the year. The strength of these westerly winds varies between the seasons, determined by the north-south movement of a band of high pressure, known as the sub-tropical ridge, over Australia.

Where in Tasmania should I not live?

8 Answers. Lets start with the not so good. Depending on your housing affordability, the areas best to avoid are: Ravenswood, Waverly, Rocherlea, Mayfield, some of Mowbray and partly Newnham. – these areas are more proun to bad behavoir, lower socioeconomic housing.

What language does Tasmania speak?

Derived from the Census question:

Language spoken at home – Summary
Tasmania – Total persons (Usual residence) 2016
Speaks English only 450,412 88.3
Non-English total 26,981 5.3
Not stated 32,571 6.4

Is Hobart a good place to live?

It’s really safe. Due to its very friendly locals and relaxed vibe, Australia recognises Hobart as an especially safe city. Transport is quick and easy with little traffic jams and city pollution, the weather is usually pretty good, and most students can freely walk around the city without fear, even in the evenings.

Is Hobart always windy?

It’s true, Hobart is a windy city! Unlike other capital cities, Hobart bears the full brunt of the Roaring Forties winds. These strong westerly air currents hit the Southern Hemisphere between 40 and 50 degrees latitude and Hobart sits in between.

What language is spoken in Hobart?

Derived from the Census question:

Language spoken at home – Summary
Greater Hobart – Total persons (Usual residence) 2016 2011
Speaks English only 192,377 89.5
Non-English total 16,804 6.4
Not stated 13,167 4.1

What is the main religion in Hobart?

The largest single religion in Greater Hobart was Anglican, with 19.8% of the population or 43,979 people as adherents. The major differences between the religious affiliation for the population of Greater Hobart and Greater Capital Cities were: A larger percentage who nominated Anglican (19.8% compared to 11.0%)