Is Tata Safari Dicor good car?

Is Tata Safari Dicor good car?

11(city)-13(highway) KMPL. Ride Quality & Handling Excellent ride quality, no worries for bad roads just move on. An honest review of my favorite, Made In India SUV “The TATA Safari”….User Review on Tata Safari [2015-2017] 4×2 EX DICOR BS IV.

5.0 Exterior 4.0 Comfort
4.0 Performance 4.0 Fuel Economy
5.0 Value for Money

Is Tata Safari worth buying?

A Fantastic Car By TATA Motors. Safari is a fantastic product. Its performance is mind-blowing, safety feels top of the line, styling is also top of the world. I’m fully satisfied with this car.

Why was Safari Dicor discontinued?

Tata Motors has discontinued the Safari Dicor in India, as per confirmation provided by a company dealer in Delhi. According to the dealer, the car manufacturer has discontinued the SUV from its portfolio due to poor sales, since the customers prefer Safari Storme over the Dicor as it has more features on offer.

Is Tata Safari maintenance high?

The estimated maintenance cost of Tata Safari Storme for 5 years is Rs 34,065. The first service after 1000 km, second service after 5000 km and third service after 10000 km is free of cost.

What is the life of Tata Safari?

Hi, As mentioned above,it can be used for around 2 to 2.5 lakh km if maintained properly. Life is 1.5 to 2.0 lacs km if it is not 2.2 Dicor. For Dicor it is 2.5 to 3.0 lacs if maintained.

What is the mileage of Tata Safari 2.2 VTT Dicor?

Key Specifications of Tata Safari 2005-2017 DICOR 2.2 EX 4×2 BS IV

ARAI Mileage 13.93 kmpl
City Mileage 9.93 kmpl
Fuel Type Diesel
Engine Displacement (cc) 2179
No. of cylinder 4

Which is better Safari or Creta?

Creta provides the mileage of 17 kmpl and Safari provides the mileage of 16.14 kmpl….Creta vs Safari Comparison Overview.

Key Highlights Creta Safari
Power 113 bhp 168 bhp
Transmission Manual Manual
Fuel Type Petrol Diesel

What is the problem with Tata Safari?

Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox Safari must stop in every 300 km. for 10 min, because the engine is going to high temprature and Check Engine Light is going ON. So be careful you are not going to buy a new technology.

Why was old Tata Safari discontinued?

Tata Motors discontinued Safari Storme last year as the BS6 emission norms came into effect in April. This is because the previous Safari christened Safari Storme became famous for its rugged personality and offroading capabilities.

Is Tata Safari Dicor rear wheel drive?

Tuned to churn out 140bhp with 320Nm, the Safari DICOR was offered in rear wheel drive and four-wheel drive options. It additionally received dual airbags, anti-lock-brakes among plethora of other features.

What is the mileage of Tata Safari?

16.14 kmpl
The Tata Safari mileage is 14.08 to 16.14 kmpl. The Manual Diesel variant has a mileage of 16.14 kmpl. The Automatic Diesel variant has a mileage of 16.14 kmpl.

How is the maintenance of Tata Safari?

The estimated maintenance cost of Tata Safari 2005-2017 for 4 years is Rs 28,167. The first service after 1000 km, second service after 5000 km, third service after 15000 km and fourth service after 30000 km is free of cost.