Is Tenaya good climbing shoes?

Is Tenaya good climbing shoes?

The Tenaya Tarifa is a sensitive, comfortable shoe with just enough downturn to be effective on steep climbs. With a speed lacing system and Vibram XS Grip rubber, the Tarifa excelled on the pocketed limestone and technical face climbs, and we were equally impressed at their ability to edge and smear on granite.

How much does Tenaya iati stretch?

As they are made out of lined leather and Microfiber, they should stretch roughly half a size. I downsized a full two sizes for my pair, from 9.5 to 7.5 (UK), half a size smaller and I found I couldn’t weight my foot.

What shoes does Alex megos wear?

What Shoes Does Alex Megos Wear? Alex Megos is now the second person to climb 9c / 5.15d and is hot on Adam Ondra’s heels as the best climber in the world! Alex has been with Tenaya for a few years and seems to love their shoes. He has a clear favorite – the Tenaya Iati.

Are Boreal climbing shoes good?

The Verdict. Boreal did not disappoint me with its new shoe design, it is an extremely high-performance shoe, ideally for hard sport climbing, bouldering, and pushing your limits to the max. If you have a wide forefoot, and you like it when your shoe gives you good support during edging, you should consider the Dharma.

Is Tenaya a good brand?

It is aggressive but comfortable, precise, and edges really nice. It works great on anything you throw at it. Tenaya did a nice job with the Oasi. They designed and tweaked it for over two years and I do have to say it was worth it.

Does Tenaya Oasis stretch?

The lined, synthetic construction minimizes stretch, so you don’t have to size the shoe cripplingly tight, while the cotton provides an organic feel on the foot.

What shoes does Kyra Condie wear?

For bouldering and lead climbing, Kyra picked the newest performance shoes called Nitro. As for speed climbing, she narrowed the selection down to two candidates – Rival, a junior competitor climbing shoe, and Pearl, a time-tested traditional model. Kyra has narrow feet, so these shoes fit just perfectly.

What shoes does Nathaniel Coleman wear?

Nathaniel nearly always wears the Scarpa Drago. It’s a performance shoes that’s soft and down-turned – designed for hard Bouldering and steep Sport Climbs.

What climbing harness does Alex Honnold?

Black Diamond Solution
What Climbing Harness Does Alex Honnold Wear? Alex Honnold’s climbing harness is normally the Black Diamond Solution – when he wears one. This harness is a light weight sport climbing design with multi-strand inners for the leg and waist loops, which means pressure on the body is spread over a larger surface.

What harness does Tommy Caldwell use?

ACE Ambassador The harness chosen by our athletes. The Ace represents the latest in harness design, experience, and expertise – demanding routes on rock and ice.

Does Alex Honnold use chalk?

“IT JUST FEELS LIKE HOME” That’s what BD Athlete Alex Honnold said when we asked why he uses the Solution Harness. We also re-created the exact old-school BD chalk bag Honnold wore on his historic, mind-bending free solo of El Cap’s Freerider (Vl 5.13). Enter the Black Diamond Freerider chalk bag.

How tall is Alex Honnold?

5′ 11″Alex Honnold / Height

Are the IATI shoes good for crack climbing?

The Iati also has a nicely sized rand running all the way around the shoe which makes foot jamming in cracks feel secure, with the stiffness supporting your foot well. The crimped up nature of the toes does not lend itself well to crack climbing, more so for the smaller sized cracks but this is the case for any ‘performance’ shoe.

What is the Tenaya IATI?

Tenaya is a Spanish company that has recently been gaining more traction in the United States. With endorsements from the likes of Alex Megos and Ethan Pringle, our interest was piqued, and we decided to check out their latest high-performance shoe, the IATI. Tenaya markets the IATI as maximizing the connection between climber and rock.

Does Tenaya have a P3 shoe?

While it still has a bit of a downturn, it isn’t nearly as dramatic as some of the P3-equipped La Sportiva shoes. But Tenaya largely makes up for this lack of downturn with the stiffness of the IATI. With a 3.5 mm Vibram outsole in addition to a double-layer midsole, the IATI is very stiff.

How stiff are IATI shoes?

With a 3.5 mm Vibram outsole in addition to a double-layer midsole, the IATI is very stiff. I found that this combination of stiffness and only a slight downturn actually made the shoe better equipped than more aggressively downturned shoes to deal with a wide variety of styles.