Is the 1250 Bandit a good bike?

Is the 1250 Bandit a good bike?

What a bike, it is quick, comfortable, handles really well, it’s fun, great two up, my wife and I are very comfortable on it. I used to own a 97 600s, the 1250 is light years away. It is a real world bike….

Summary of owners’ reviews
Equipment: 4.1 out of 5 (4.1/5)
Annual servicing cost: £110

Do Suzuki still make the Bandit?

The Suzuki Bandit is a series of standard motorcycles produced by Suzuki since 1989. The Bandit series includes the following models: GSX150, 147 cc liquid-cooled (2018–present)…Suzuki Bandit series.

1998 Suzuki Bandit GSF1200F
Manufacturer Suzuki
Class Standard

Is a Suzuki Bandit good for touring?

Suzuki’s Bandit 1200 has the basic ingredients of a fun and comfortable sport-touring bike — sensible ergonomics and a great motor. Plus, at just $7,099 it’s a relative bargain. However, its simple yet numerous flaws place it second in a head-to-head battle with Kawasaki’s GPz.

Are Suzuki Bandits reliable?

The bike is built really well as most bandits are. Reliable, well made parts and bulletproof engine. I have had a few problems with my bike just as you would with any other bikes.

How heavy is a Suzuki Bandit 1200?

At a glance

Owners’ reliability rating: 4.6 out of 5 (4.6/5)
Annual servicing cost: £180
Power: 100 bhp
Seat height: Medium (32.9 in / 835 mm)
Weight: Medium (472 lbs / 214 kg)

How much does a Suzuki Bandit 1200 weight?

472 lbs
At a glance

Owners’ reliability rating: 4.6 out of 5 (4.6/5)
Annual servicing cost: £180
Power: 100 bhp
Seat height: Medium (32.9 in / 835 mm)
Weight: Medium (472 lbs / 214 kg)

Is Suzuki Bandit 1200 a good bike?

The GSF1200 Bandit is a decent bike which handles well on most roads. It’s the ideal commuter bike and can acquit itself in both low gear and when gunning it on the open road and offers plenty of power for the average rider.

Is a Suzuki Bandit 1200 Fast?

Basic specs: An 1157cc inline-Four that made 101.7 hp at 8500 rpm, 69.5 ft. -lb. of torque at 6250 and weighed 490 pounds dry. It shot through the quarter-mile in 11.15 seconds at 120.24 mph and registered a measured top speed of 144 mph.

How many gears does a 1200 Bandit have?

6 gears

Engine type 16v, in line four, 6 gears
Frame type Steel tubular cradle
Fuel capacity 19 litres
Seat height 835mm

What is the difference between Suzuki Bandit 1200 and 1250?

The big-bore Suzuki Bandit 1250 replaces the Bandit 1200, and gets an all-new engine designed to meet latest Euro legislation. In doing so, Suzuki have created a 98cc bigger, 1255cc water-cooled, fuel-injected, tourque-laden peach of an engine.

Is the KTM Bandit 1200 a good bike?

Yes, the chassis’ design is similar, but the newer bike’s is stiffer and the suspension far, far superior. There is a reason that loads of Bandit 1200 owners tend to modify their bike with handling upgrades. Quite simply the stock units are crap and lose any resemblance of damping within a few years.

Is the 1250GT a good bike?

Bought the 1250GT as a company bike in November 2009 to replace an unreliable BMW R1150RT. Overall its a great bike, egnine is strong, gearbox is good. Only thing that lets it down is the brakes (lack bite and feel) and how easy it corrodes. Just traded in my 03 1200 bandit for a 09 1250.

Is the Suzuki Bandit a good looking bike?

The Bandit has never won any beauty contests, never even wanted to, but it’s a solid-looking bike if you’re more worried about how your bike performs rather than the details of how it looks. With the introduction of the 1250 Suzuki has moved the Bandit a considerable step forward.