Is the Honda CBF 1000 a good bike?

Is the Honda CBF 1000 a good bike?

However, Honda have addressed that, given the CBF 1000 a new face, new clocks, lightened the frame and improved fuel economy. Great ergonomics, easy to ride, just enough power, relatively lightweight handling, a jack of all trades bike perfect for 98% of the time.

What Crash Protectors will fit the CBF1000?

These crash protectors fit the CBF1000 and CBF 1000 ABS. This 5-piece set of R&G Titanium Sprocket Nuts are made from grade 5 – 6AL-4V – 1068 MPA titanium, meaning they offer extraordinary strength and weight reduction.

Which radiator Guard is suitable for Honda CBF1000’11?

This radiator guard is suitable for Honda CBF1000 ’11- The R&G Stainless Steel Radiator Guard series is a more rugged version of our existing aluminium offering and are aimed particularly at Adventure and Touring bikes.

What kind of headlights does a Honda CBF have?

The new top fairing and flush indicators have improved the looks of the front end, using CBR600 headlights. Luggage kits are available as optional extras if you want to turn your Honda CBF into a real tourer. How much to insure?

When did the CBF1000 come out in Canada?

Honda Canada launched this standard machine in 2008, as part of a two fisted “Adventure” marketing program, wherein the CBF1000 was paired with the Varadero, the long-legged on- and off-road dual purpose bike from Honda.

Is the Honda Vectra any better than the cbf1000f?

Perhaps it’s a tad harsh comparing the Vectra to the CBF1000F; after all, the Honda is a perfectly adequate bike. But that’s sort of wherein lies the problem – who wants to be praised for adequacy?

How much does a CBF cost?

The old CBF started at less than £6000 which made the old bike an absolute bargain and highly recommended bike. However now the price is pushing nearly £9000 and not much has changed to justify the price.