Is the M-65 Field Jacket still issued?

Is the M-65 Field Jacket still issued?

Today, Alpha Industries continues to manufacture the iconic M-65 Field Jacket using the orignal military specifications, including the oversized fit, hidden hood, and NYCO fabric.

What jacket replaced the M65?

In 2009, the M-65 Field Jacket was finally retired with the Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS) taking its place.

What is the current US Army field jacket?

The M-65 is the classic U.S. military field coat. This golden Manufacturing M-65 is new “unissued” army surplus. The M-65 allows soldiers to carry ammunition and all their gear while providing protection from the elements. It is made from a blend of 50% cotton/50% nylon (Nyco).

Are M65 field jackets warm?

The M65 Field Jacket Liner: A Great Piece of Gear for Adventure and Travel. Around since 1965, the M65 liner has been a hard tested, durable, extremely warm, and versatile layer for keeping warm and staying comfy for relatively cheap.

Are M65 jackets cool?

“It’s essentially a utilitarian design, and yet it works as well dressed up over a shirt and tie as it does dressed down with jeans and plimsolls.” It’s clear that what has allowed the field to survive is its versatility. That and the fact it still looks just as cool as the day it was issued.

Who manufactured the M-65 Field Jacket?

Alpha Industries
The M-51 Field Jacket The design and production of the M-65 Field Jacket was handled by Alpha Industries from Knoxville, Tennessee, who also did the iconic MA-1 flight jacket. Most of Alpha Industries’ creations were initially part of a contract with the Department of Defense and have since never really left the stage.

What is the best M-65 Field Jacket?

The Best M-65 Field Jackets for Men

  • Best Overall M-65 Jacket. M-65 Field Jacket. Courtesy. Alpha Industries.
  • Best Affordable M-65 Jacket. Garment-Dyed M65 Jacket. Courtesy. J.
  • M-65 Surplus Jacket. Courtesy. Rhythm.
  • Mallard Field Jacket. Courtesy. Woolrich.
  • Cotton Ripstop Field Jacket. Courtesy. Orslow.
  • Woven M65 Jacket. Courtesy. Nike.

What is the best M65 field jacket?

Is the M65 waterproof?

Flygo Men’s Vintage M65 Field Jacket Military Tactical Lightweight Windproof Waterproof Hooded Coat. Simple but stunning. A multi-functional jacket which is windproof, waterproof, rainproof, oil proof, breathable, warm, lightweight and crease-resistant.

When was the M-65 Field Jacket used?

In 1965, the U.S. Army provided its troops with a brand new field jacket model: the M65, an improvement from the M51 model from World War II, and the M43 before that. To this day, the M65 is the most widely worn army jacket among civilians, and a closet must-have for your transitional season outings.

Why is it called a field jacket?

The jacket itself is named for the year of its debut in 1965. Phased in as an extension of Major William P. Yarborough’s legendary predecessor: the World War II-issued M-51, the M-65 was designed to better serve soldiers fighting in Vietnam’s tropical and, at times, brutal climate.