Is the M4 convertible a good car?

Is the M4 convertible a good car?

What’s the verdict? Fearsomely fast, good-looking roof up or down – apart from the rear headrests which are a bit lumpen – with a top-drawer all-wheel drive system, the M4 Comp Convertible is pretty much all you need for rapid open-air motoring.

Is the BMW M4 a reliable car?

As far as reliability goes, the M4 seems good on paper, even if the 3 Series and the 4 Series cars have a mixed record and finished mid-way down (fourth out of eight cars) their respective groups in our most recent What Car? Reliability Survey. BMW as a brand finished in 13th place out of 30 manufacturers.

How fast is the M4 convertible?

The sprint from zero to 60 mph takes just 3.6 seconds. Top speed is rated at 155 mph and can be raised to 174 mph, both electronically limited.

How much is BMW M4 convertible?

The new M4 Convertible is due at dealerships in October and will be priced to start at $87,295, including destination. Unlike the M4 coupe (and M3 sedan), which has a base variant with a 6-speed manual and rear-wheel drive, the M4 Convertible will arrive in spicier M4 Competition guise only.

Is the BMW M4 Convertible a hardtop?

BMW Drops the Hardtop The 2021 edition of the M4 Convertible used a retractable hardtop, but this one goes back to its soft-top roots. However, the look is still dominated by the huge two-kidney grille that all new cars from BMW’s high-performance M division carry. The design has been divisive amongst BMW die-hards.

How much is a 2022 BMW M4?

From $72,0002022 BMW M4 / MSRP

Why is the new M4 so heavy?

Like with all automotive successors, the new G82 BMW M4 is going to be heavier than its predecessor. It’s become larger, more high-tech and has to meet even stricter safety standards. So it was always going to be heavier. Even though BMW M has used lightweight materials in the bracing, it’s still added weight.

Is BMW M4 expensive to maintain?

According to Edmunds, a 2019 M4 will cost you around $8,038 in maintenance costs during the first five years. In terms of repairs, you’ll reportedly end up spending around $2,561.

Is a BMW M4 a good investment?

Overall verdict. “We think the BMW M4 Coupe is becoming a really attractive second-hand buy. In terms of value for money, it’s massively desirable, given its performance, blend of ride and handling, stylish good looks and comfortable interior.

What is the fastest BMW convertible?

M4 Competition xDrive

HP 0-60 MPH
M4 Competition xDrive Convertible 503 3.6 sec