Is the NAD c 510 a DAC?

Is the NAD c 510 a DAC?

NADs new C 510 is a digital preamp/DAC, which is similar to calling a car an automobile with an engine – any preamp that accepts digital inputs must have DACs. In NADs defense, their C 510 can be connected directly to your computer (Mac or PC) via a USB Type B connection (the square one) allowing you to use it as a standalone DAC.

What is a c 510 preamp?

As a member of the NAD preamp family, the C 510 is a reliable, innovative product for digital audio systems everywhere.

What is a digital to analog converter (DAC)?

DACs (Digital to Analog Converters) are typically meant to do one job. That is, take the digital information from a given transport medium and reassemble said information into a pristine analog waveform.

What are the components on the c 510?

Also on the rear panel are a three-pronged IEC power receptacle and fuse bay, the main Power switch, and 12V trigger jacks so that the C 510 can communicate with other NAD components.