Is the Zastava M70 good?

Is the Zastava M70 good?

Wood and metal finish on the ZPAP M70, including the rivet job on the stamped receiver, are excellent throughout. Two minor critiques. The first is the wood-to-metal fit. It’s great by AK standards, but the quality of the wood that the ZPAP is wearing seems like it would have warranted a more careful fitting.

Is cz99 good?

In general, CZ-99 appears to be a good combat pistol, well made, relatively inexpensive and with decent ergonomics. The CZ-99 is apparently patterned after famous SIG-Sauer P226 pistol, but with several modifications. Pistol is also equipped with loaded chamber indicator.

Where are Zastava pistols made?

Zastava Arms (Serbian: Застава oружје, romanized: Zastava oružje) is a Serbian manufacturer of firearms and artillery, based in Kragujevac, Serbia.

What handguns use 7.62 x25?

Weapons that use it

  • Pistols. TT pistol. TT pistol (gold)
  • Submachine guns. PPSH-41.

Is Zastava a good AK?

Zastava generally makes some of the most rugged and reliable rifles in the AK market.

Is Tokarev a good gun?

The Tokarev cartridge, 7.62 x 25 mm, is very powerful. It’s a good round in a lot of ways, very high speed, but good bullets with modern hollow points for it have sometimes been hard to find. In the Eastern Bloc, it was a military pistol and so they just shot hardball out of it.

How powerful is a Tokarev?

Performance. Various Tokarev cartridges achieve muzzle velocities around the range of 1,300 to 1,800 fps. A common velocity is around 442 metres per second (1,450 ft/s) with about 544 joules (401 ft⋅lbf) of energy.

Is Zastava stamped?

The M70s produced with pressed and pinned barrels, along with other detail improvements, were redesignated M70B, with the folding stock variant being redesignated M70 AB. By the mid 1970s, Zastava began manufacturing the M70 with a stamped rather than a milled receiver to reduce production costs.