Is there a Makaton app?

Is there a Makaton app?

Unfortunately the Makaton Signing for Babies (MSB) app is no longer available. The Makaton Signing for Babies (MSB) workshop is for parents, family members or carers who would like to sign with babies and children in their care and have no previous experience of Makaton.

What is a Makaton symbol?

Makaton is a unique language programme that uses symbols, signs and speech to enable people to communicate. With Makaton, signs are used, with speech, in spoken word order. This helps provide extra clues about what someone is saying. Using signs can help people who have no speech or whose speech is unclear.

How many signs are in Makaton?

Where can I find the sign or symbol that I need? There are over 11,000 published signs and symbols.

Is Sign Language and Makaton the same?

The signs used in Makaton are taken from Sign Language and, as Sign Language differs from country to country, so does Makaton. However, unlike Sign Language which has regional variations and dialects, the signs for Makaton will be the same throughout the country.

Is Makaton used for autism?

For children with ASD, not every word is signed, it is only the key words as well as spoken language. This is often referred to as Makaton. Makaton is a language programme using speech as well as key signs and symbols to reinforce key words.

What is an example of Makaton?

Babies use gestures before they can speak, to tell us what they want. For example, they might point at the biscuit tin or hold out their arms to be lifted up. Children and adults can use Makaton to let others know what they want, make choices, share information and understand more.

Is Makaton an AAC?

Makaton Sign & Symbol is a form of AAC which evolved from two studies and clinical experience of the developer, Margaret Walker, in the early 1970s. It uses both gestures (from British Sign Language) and pictures to support conversation.

What is the difference between Makaton and sign?

Makaton is designed to support spoken language – signs are used with speech, in spoken word order to help children and adults to communicate.

Who uses Makaton signs?

It is also used by supporters of people with a learning disability, such as family, friends, carers, education staff and health professionals. Makaton is also regularly used in mainstream schools, to support all children to develop communication, language and literacy skills.

Is Makaton nonverbal communication?

Some individuals who have nonverbal autism, or difficulty communicating, may find that Makaton signs and symbols help them to speak. Signs are used with speech to provide extra visual support about what someone is saying. Makaton symbols can be used with PECS.