Is there a second season of Red Rock?

Is there a second season of Red Rock?

In its second series, a devastating murder is set to rock both the Gardai and the local community to their very foundations.

Why did Red Rock get Cancelled?

Cancellation. In August 2017, the series was placed on hiatus by TV3 due to the lease on the current set expiring, and the production having to be moved to a newly built set. This subsequently resulted in the second half of the third series, which was due to air from September 2017, being delayed until 2018.

Where can I watch season 2 of Red Rock?

Currently you are able to watch “Red Rock – Season 2” streaming on Tubi TV for free with ads.

Is Red Rock coming back in 2020?

No. The Irish daytime cop show has been cancelled after three series so you’d better make the most of Red Rock on BBC Two while you can. The news of Red Rock’s cancellation was unsurprising if unfortunate when it was revealed in 2018, as the show’s third season had been fraught with issues.

How many episodes are in season 2 of Red Rock?

60Red Rock – Season 2 / Number of episodes

How many episodes of Red Rock Season 2 are there?


Series Episodes First airdate (IRE)
Series 1 40 (22 + 18) 7 January 2015
Series 2 40 (21 + 19) 6 January 2016
Series 3 37 (14 + 13 + 10) 13 March 2017

Is there a Season 5 of Red Rock?

Red Rock – Season 5.

Why did Sharon leave Red Rock?

Paudge is heartbroken. Sharon leaves Red Rock to investigate corrupt guards. Paudge wakes up at Linda’s. He insults her by hoping nothing happened.

Is there a fourth season of Red Rock?

Red Rock – Season 4.

Does Rachel confess in Red Rock?

In the end, we found out, it was Rachel herself. Brian refused to bring her on the lam with him and – his literally fatal error – confessed that he’d left her to die in that caravan.

What happens to Podge on Red Rock?

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, we suggest you don’t continue reading. Superintendent James McKay, played by Richard Flood, was stabbed to death on the episode tonight. He was exiting his car outside the station when a hooded figure appeared and stabbed him in the stomach.

What happened on the last episode of Red Rock?

January 8, 2020Red Rock / Final episode date