Is there an international version of Shortland Street?

Is there an international version of Shortland Street?

“Ukraine’s own Shortland Street proves a hit”. New Zealand: Retrieved 12 September 2016. …and now it’s got the first international version of our most loved soap opera. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Shortland Street.

When did Shortland Street start in New Zealand?

Shortland Street is a New Zealand medical drama soap opera and is New Zealand’s longest-running locally-made soap opera, first broadcasted on Monday, 25 May 1992. It is produced by South Pacific Pictures and screens weeknights on TVNZ’s TV2.

When was the first 90 minute episode of Shortland Street?

Shortland Street aired its first ever 90-minute episode on 2 August 2010. The episode featured Chris discovering he had a son with series original Alison Raynor in 1996, and the conclusion to the three-year Kieran Mitchell storyline which saw the shows second highest ever ratings.

Where is Shortland Street filmed and set?

It is set in a modern metropolitan hospital in the fictional Auckland suburb of Ferndale. While the series name is inspired by the real Shortland Street in Auckland, the series street is not located in the CBD as is the real street.

Who are the actors in Shortland Street?

Shortland Street, a five-night-a-week soap set in an Auckland City hospital, follows the complicated personal and professional lives of its staff, family and friends. as Chris Warner … as Nicole Miller … as Boyd Rolleston … as Harper Whitley … as Leanne Black … as Esther Samuels … as Kylie Brown … as Dawn Robinson … as Sarah Potts …

When did Shortland Street release a charity single?

On 15 December 2016, Shortland Street released a charity single featuring Lionel Wellington and J.J. Fong to raise money for Starship Children’s Health hospital. On 25 May 2017, Shortland Street celebrated 25 years on New Zealand television.