Is Tim from moonshiners a firefighter?

Is Tim from moonshiners a firefighter?

As a volunteer Fire Chief, Tim Smith created his Fire 32 Moonshine as a tribute to firefighters across the country. During his travels he’s had the opportunity to visit many stations.

Does Tim still own climax moonshine?

A fixture at Tim’s still in the backwoods of Climax, Camo guards against intruders and lawmen and is the symbol of true loyalty.” Even though Tim’s moonshine is now legal, the recipe is the ‘real deal’ and faithful to the roots of his operation.

Was Tim Smith of moonshiners in the military?

Tim knew serving his country was what he wanted most, enlisting in the Army in 2003 at the age of 24. After completing basic training, he deployed to Iraq in 2004, where he served as a food service specialist before his promotion to sergeant in 2005.

Who owns climax moonshine?

Tim Smith
Tim Smith, best known for his starring role in Discovery Channel’s “Moonshiners” and for his critically acclaimed Tim Smith’s Original Climax Moonshine, is a third generation moonshiner who’s managed to keep his family’s 100-year-old moonshine recipe a secret while successfully turning it into a major national brand.

Where is Tim Smith now?

Tim owns two businesses in the alcohol industry, including Climax Whiskey Moonshine and Tim Smith Southern Reserve American Whisky.

What is Tim from moonshiners net worth?

Moonshiners Tim Smith net worth: Tim Smith is an American moonshiner and reality television personality who has a net worth of $150 thousand dollars. Tim Smith is based in Southwestern Virginia, where he is a third generation moonshiner.

How do you drink climax moonshine?

For anyone who’s not familiar with Liquor 43, it’s a sweet Spanish liquor that’s made up of 43 different flavors with citrus and vanilla standing out the most. You can drink it neat, on ice or use it in a variety of different cocktails.

What is the proof of climax moonshine?

Climax Moonshine is pot-distilled from an original family recipe using corn, rye and barley malt mash, resulting in a 90-proof spirit. A 750-ml bottle of Climax Moonshine retails for approximately $29.99.

Does Tim Smith ever wear a shirt?

I don’t wear a shirt. People would think I was stupid if I had a sweater on and it’s 100 degrees.

Is Tim Smith still a Fire Chief?

Climax Fire No. 32 Cinnamon Spice Whiskey, was made as a tribute to Firefighters everywhere, with $1.00 per case going to charitable firefighter causes. Tim Smith, our founder, himself proudly serves as volunteer Fire Chief in his hometown of Climax, VA.

Who owns Sugarland distillery?

Ned Vickers
Sugarlands Distilling Co. – President, Owner and Founder Ned Vickers, Owner Kent Woods, Master Distiller Greg Eidam – Distillery Trail.

Are Mark and Digger legal distillers?

“It’s authentic,” Mark told WHSV TV in 2017. “What we do, we can’t permit ourselves to be found by the law because it is very much against the law.” It’s worth noting that Digger and Mark work with a legal moonshine distilling company called Sugarland’s Distilling Company, which is located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Who made this moonshine for firefighters?

As a volunteer fire chief in Climax, VA, Tim created this moonshine as a tribute to firefighters across the country.

What kind of moonshine is fire 32?

Climax Moonshine Fire No. 32. is not only made to tingle your senses with hot cinnamon flavor, but also made to pay tribute to fire fighters across America.

What is Tim Smith’s climax whiskey?

The final process allows the whiskey to cool in Oak containers and the result is Tim Smith’s revolutionary Climax Whiskey – Made to be in a Class of its Own. Cinnamon Spice Moonshine using Tim Smith’s original pot-distilled recipe.

Who is America’s most wanted moonshiner?

As a volunteer fire chief in Climax, VA, Tim created this moonshine as a tribute to firefighters across the country. As America’s Most Wanted Moonshiner, Tim Smith is pursued by lawmen and drinkers alike.