Is Trusteer Rapport good?

Is Trusteer Rapport good?

Trusteer Rapport is a perfectly legitimate piece of software – there’s nothing sinister about it, and it’s promoted by plenty of respectable brand names, including major banks. Still, we don’t feel the claims on Rapport’s website add up. There is, too, such a thing as ‘too much security’.

Is IBM trusteer free?

Keep your computer’s guard up. Download Trusteer Rapport software for free to help protect your account information.

Is Trusteer Rapport compatible with Windows 10?

Thanks in Advance. The Rapport site ( indicates that they have a Windows 10 version but only for IBM Security Trusteer Rapport which, presumably, is not a version used by our banks.

What is Trusteer endpoint protection?

Trusteer Endpoint Protection (a.k.a Rapport) is a legitimate program that is specifically designed to help fight financial fraud and is often recommended by various banks for reducing the chances of fraud and identity theft when it comes to online transactions.

Who uses trusteer?

Trusteer is a Boston-based computer security division of IBM, responsible for a suite of security software. Founded by Mickey Boodaei and Rakesh K. Loonkar, in Israel in 2006, Trusteer was acquired in September 2013 by IBM for $1 billion….Trusteer.

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Should I uninstall Trusteer Rapport?

We strongly recommend that you do not uninstall Rapport. If you are experiencing difficulties with Rapport, submit a support request at While a problem is being resolved, you can stop Rapport browser protection without uninstalling.

Does trusteer work with Edge?

Trusteer Rapport icon is not appearing on Microsoft Edge When using the Edge browser, you will not be able to manually protect additional websites. However, the browser will automatically protect all the websites that you added to rapport protection using other protected browsers.

How do I know if I have Trusteer Rapport is installed?

For more information see The Rapport icon in the address bar of your browser is colored purple. To start Rapport if it is installed but not running, select Programs > Trusteer Endpoint Protection > Start Trusteer Endpoint Protection.

Does rapport work with Edge?

If you are installing Rapport for the first time on Windows 10, you must first complete the installation before you can install and enable the Edge extension. If you already have Rapport installed you must enable the extension the next time you start your Edge browser.

How do I get rid of Trusteer endpoint protection?

From the Windows Start menu, select Programs > Trusteer Endpoint Protection > Stop Trusteer Endpoint Protection. A security confirmation message appears. The message displays an image of some characters for you to type. This is done to help prevent financial malware from disabling Rapport.

How do I get rid of Trusteer Rapport?

Does rapport work with Firefox?

Open Firefox, click the menu button, and then click IBM Security Rapport added to Firefox. The Rapport Firefox extension is now enabled. The gray Rapport icon appears in the address bar. The Rapport icon is colored green when navigating to your banking site to indicate that the site is protected.

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