Is Violetta a Disney show?

Is Violetta a Disney show?

Do you like this video? Violetta is an Argentinean teen soap opera that first aired on the Disney Channel on May 14, 2012. The show is a co-production between Disney Channel Latin America, Disney Channel Europe, Disney Channel Middle East, Disney Channel Africa, and Pol-ka Producciones.

Who plays Violetta Castillo?

Martina Stoessel portrays Violetta Castillo, is a bright girl and full of life, but lonely and overprotected by her father. She has a unique voice she inherited from her mother, but still does not know. From her father he inherited a love of reading and great intelligence. Violetta is spontaneous and sincere when it comes to speaking her mind.

What is the story of Violetta?

A musically talented teenager who returns to her native Buenos Aires after living in Europe. A girl Violetta returned home after living in Europe for a while. She is living with her father because her mom died. As she is back in her home town. She learns about music, friendship, and her dad as well. She how Violetta goes through go/bad life.