Is Wallasey tunnel open now?

Is Wallasey tunnel open now?

Both Mersey Tunnels are open 24 hours a day, 364 days a year (on Christmas Day only Kingsway (Wallasey) Tunnel is open).

How do I pay for the Birkenhead tunnel?

Paying for the to​ll has just become easier for you as you can now pay by contactless. With contactless, there’s no need to enter your PIN or search for coins. Just tap your contactless card on the reader screen, wait for confirmation and you’re done – it’s as easy as that!

Is Queensway Tunnel open?

During the closure of the Queensway (Birkenhead) Mersey Tunnel, the Kingsway (Wallasey) Mersey Tunnel will remain fully open in both directions.

How much is the Queensway Tunnel?

Queensway tunnel

Owner Merseytravel
Traffic Automotive
Toll £1.80 for a car

How many Mersey tunnels are there?

three tunnels
There are three tunnels: the Mersey Railway Tunnel (opened 1886), and two road tunnels, the Queensway Tunnel (opened 1934) and the Kingsway Tunnel (opened 1971). The railway tunnel and Queensway Tunnel connect central Liverpool with Birkenhead, while the Kingsway Tunnel runs to Wallasey.

How much does the Mersey tunnel make a year?

In the last financial year (2011/12), the tunnel tolls generated an income of £37.2m. Of that, £4.78m was spent on staff costs and £14.8m on maintenance – or 52.6% of income.

Does the Wallasey tunnel take card?

The option to pay via contactless card payment is now live in all 21 lanes the Birkenhead Tunnel, with contactless set to be introduced across all 13 lanes at the Wallasey Tunnel from Thursday 2 May. -Improved coin analysers, ensuring the cash transaction is quicker for customers.

How many Mersey Tunnels are there?

Why was the Birkenhead Tunnel closed?

The Birkenhead tunnel is closed from Liverpool to Wirral after a ‘police incident’. Police have closed two lanes of the Queensway Tunnel between Liverpool and Wirral due to a police incident.

What happened in the Queensway Tunnel?

A woman has died and two men are seriously injured after a crash in a tunnel under the River Mersey. Police said an Audi was in a collision at a roundabout before crashing into a taxi in the Queensway tunnel between Liverpool and Wirral after midnight.

Is merseytravel a private company?

Merseytravel was established on 1 December 1969 as the Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive….Merseytravel.

Type Passenger Transport Executive
Industry Public transport
Founded Transport Act 1968 (1 December 1969)
Headquarters Mann Island Buildings, Liverpool, England
Area served Liverpool City Region

Who owns Mersey tunnel?

The road tunnels are owned and operated by Merseytravel, and have their own police force, the Mersey Tunnels Police. In 1967 it was announced that the “Mersey Tunnel Scheme” was now operational….Mersey Tunnels.

Headquarters Liverpool
Parent Merseytravel Liverpool City Region Combined Authority

Why do I have to pay cash for the Mersey Tunnel?

As the Mersey Tunnel operates with toll barriers, if you arrive on the plaza without your Fast Tag, or your Fast Tag does not have any pre-paid funds in the account, then you will have to pay cash at the full toll rate. Refunds of any discount cannot be processed afterwards.

How do I declare my vehicle to the Mersey Tunnels?

If your vehicle is subject to Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) you must declare it immediately either online at or by phoning our customer service team on 0151 330 1004. How do I calculate my monthly Direct Debit Payment? For maximum convenience we recommend fixed monthly Direct Debit payments to your   T-FLOW account.

What is t-flow for the Mersey Tunnels?

Mersey Tunnels introduce T-FLOW the new scheme that replaces the Fast Tag system as the quick easy pre-payment option for travelling through the Mersey Tunnels. Mersey Tunnels has introduced Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera technology (ANPR) at both Birkenhead (Queensway) and Wallasey (Kingsway) plaza.

How do I contact the Mersey travel office?

For Tunnel Fast Tag enquiries please email [email protected] For all other enquiries please email [email protected] Our telephone number is 0151 330 1004. Lines are open 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday for general enquiries.