Is Webster Hall all ages?

Is Webster Hall all ages?

Entry into Webster Hall is 18+, but I think kkcsydney already knew this( I think I am the one who recommended this place to her on another post if I am not mistaken), she was asking about herself, to make sure she would not be out of place as the Mother….

Is Webster Hall still a nightclub?

Webster Hall is a 40,000 sq ft nightclub and concert venue located in the East Village. It serves as a nightclub, concert venue and corporate events center. Click here to take a virtual tour of this venue.

What is Webster Hall capacity?

Webster Hall boasts three live performance venues under one roof: the world-famous Grand Ballroom (1500 capacity), the Marlin Room (600 capacity) and The Studio (400 capacity).

Does Webster Hall have seats?

A word about capacity – Max capacity is 1010 (standing) for ballroom area.

Is Webster Hall in NYC still open?

BSE Global and The Bowery Presents (and Bowery’s parent company AEG) acquired the operating rights for and assets of Webster Hall in February 2017, and after a nearly two-year renovation, the venue re-opened to the public on April 26, 2019….New York City Subway:

Webster Hall and Annex
Designated March 18, 2008

Why is it called Webster Hall?

In the era of prohibition, Webster Hall began to make a name for itself as the let loose free and fun center it is now. The glamorous masquerades and balls held at the hall reflected the materialistic and fast changing society that was taking place in New York and America as a whole.

What is the capacity of Terminal 5 NYC?

3,000Terminal 5 / Capacity

What is the capacity of the 930 club?

1,2009:30 Club / Capacity

The legal capacity of the original venue was 199; the current iteration of 9:30 holds up to 1,200 people. Since then, the club has continued to welcome emerging artists from all over the world, as well as established acts.

How much did Webster Hall sell for?

Webster Hall, go-to venue for stars like Elvis, Bob Dylan and Tina Turner, has been sold. Webster Hall, the 131-year-old Manhattan concert venue, has been sold. The deal, reportedly valued at $35 million, ends a 25-year run for owner Lon Ballinger who — with his family — reopened the club in 1992.

Does Terminal 5 have alcohol?

Terminal 5 is a New York City music venue in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, located at 610 West 56th Street west of Eleventh Avenue. It has a multi-level event site with five distinct room environments and a capacity of 3,000 people. Alcoholic beverages are served during events along with light snacks.

Does Terminal 5 NYC have coat check?

Coat check is $4 and if you need to smoke and catch a breather, there is a upstairs outdoors area for that with bathroom and a bar there. 2nd level of the venue has you seeing from an aerial view of performance and dance floor, although gets hot really quick is on the bottom level.

Why is it called 9/30 Club?

Belle and Sebastian performing at the 9:30 Club in March 2006. The 9:30 Club’s name was derived from its original street address, which was also the reason to set the venue’s original opening time of 9:30 p.m. Early advertising on D.C.’s WHFS radio featured the slogan “9:30 – a Place and Time!”

What is the studio at Webster Hall like to visit?

Going to The Studio at Webster Hall is like going to a punk rock basement show (in the best sense). The Studio is a smaller music venue, ideal for more intimate shows where you can get up close to the bands.

What’s so bad about Webster Hall?

The sticky floors in Webster Hall lose their grungy-rock-club charm real quick, and the unisex bathrooms will put the fear of God in you (suffice to say, I’m not a fan). Lastly, drinks on the main floor are kind of expensive for what you get.

Can you pay with a credit card at Webster Hall?

Webster Hall accepts credit cards. How is Webster Hall rated? Webster Hall has 3 stars. What days are Webster Hall open?

What is the Marlin room at Webster Hall?

The Marlin Room at Webster Hall is the middle floor concert and event venue in the larger Webster Hall building. It’s been open officially just about a year now and like its companion venue downstairs (The Studio at Webster Hall) offers artists that have a following but not a super huge one a great place to play.