Is Worm finished?

Is Worm finished?

Worm finished in November of 2013. A polished version is in the works for print/ebook release. Readers may also enjoy Wildbow’s other stories Pact and Twig, both complete.

Is Worm a good read?

Worm has an average rating of 4.67 out of 5 stars on Goodreads, with over 3000 user rankings. Of these users, 99% liked the book.

Is Worm free to read?

The serial is entirely free to read at, and starts here if you want to get into it right away. If you’re into audiobooks more than reading, the fan-made Worm Audiobook Project just completed earlier this week, after two years of work.

Why is Worm so popular?

It makes sense that Worm is more popular than the other two. It had more time to grow, it is a more approachable setting, and is generally more fanfic friendly.

Does worm have a happy ending?

Grey Worm promised to bring the Unsullied with him to protect all the citizens of Naath. As of the end of the series, that seems to be exactly what Grey Worm is doing. It’s not a happy ending, because he’s not with her — but it’s just about as good an ending you can get on this show.

Is worm a deconstruction?

Worm is an effective deconstruction of the entire superhero genre, particularly the role that the appearance of superpowers would play in society at large.

Is Ward finished?

As of May 3, 2020, Ward is complete, to be followed by a story set in the same universe as Pact, Pale. This page contains unmarked spoilers for the previous series, you have been warned.

Is Mother of learning complete?

The author has pieced out the books for Kindle publication, but the story is 100% finished.

Can a worm hurt you?

Some types of worms can infect people. Some can be caught in the UK and others are only caught abroad. Most worm infections are not serious and can be easily treated with medicine.

Is Worm a deconstruction?

Who is the main character in Worm?

Taylor Anne Hebert
Taylor Anne Hebert, pronounced “Hee-bert”, is the main character of Worm.

How strong is Glory Girl?

Her strength is primarily generated through the forcefield, and operates through a similar mechanism to Manpower’s. She’s capable of deadlifting slightly above fourteen tons, however functional limits depend on the grip and the distribution of mass.

What is the best parahuman in the world?

Can accept the wounds of others and transfer them to touched foes, in a somewhat drawn-out process. Scion – Viewed by many as the most powerful parahuman in the world, golden skinned, with long hair and a beard. The first known parahuman. Scrub – Triggered in the midst of one of a grand melee/free for all fighting match provoked by the Merchants.

What is the parahumans online teaser?

  The teaser is something of a prologue that features nine chapters of Parahumans Online, email, and chatroom content with hints and clues about the story to come. Synopsis: The unwritten rules that govern the fights and outright wars between ‘capes’ have been amended: everyone gets their second chance.

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Will there be a parahumans 2?

The sequel is underway. The teaser (post-Worm-epilogue, semi-prologue, not mandatory reading) chapters to Parahumans 2 can be found starting here and arc 1, chapter 1 of the story starts here.