Is YesWelder a good brand?

Is YesWelder a good brand?

I really feel confident Yeswelder will stand behind their products. 4.0 out of 5 stars A well built attractive 200 amp welder, great price, great customer service. . With the ever increasing number of cheap welders flooding the market, it is nice to see one with advanced features and good build quality.

Where is the Yes welder made?

Boulder, Colorado
Based out of Boulder, Colorado, YesWelder is a startup company that manufactures welding equipment and accessories for welding professionals.

Are Unimig welders Australian made?

Australian owned since 1985, UNIMIGĀ® is the pioneering brand for high-quality welding equipment.

Are Hitbox MIG welders any good?

-New unit works very well and easy to use. I tested the Flux Core option and the wire feeding motor seems very solid. Changed my rating from a 1 star to 4 star based on value and for the various welding options. Recommend Vulcan flux core wire works better on the machine than the Lincoln wires.

Is Yeswelder made in China?

In this category of low-cost multi-welders, you may have come across the Yeswelder MIG-205DS. It sports an attractive price tag….Technical Specifications.

Manufactured In China
Duty Cycle 60% (220v and 200 A) 100% (220v and 154 A)

What is a yes welder?

The YESWELDER MIG-205DS can easily run stick electrodes. A stinger and ground clamp are included with your machine for this process. This unit can weld with 7018/6011 electrodes up to 5/32″ @220V . Lift TIG available (Accessories for TIG Welding not included)

Who makes Hobart welders?

Illinois Tool Works
Hobart Brothers was family-owned and operated until its acquisition by Illinois Tool Works (ITW) in 1996. ITW is a multinational manufacturer of a diversified range of value-adding and short-lead-time industrial products and equipment, and is also the parent company of Miller Electric Mfg.

Where are Everlast welders made?

Everlast welders are manufactured in China. Everlast welders are sold, distributed and supported via a US company.

Are any welders made in Australia?

Australian owned since 1985, UNIMIGĀ® is the pioneering brand for high-quality welding equipment. Over the last 30 years, we’ve led the industry by designing innovative, best-in-class products that take your welding to the next level.

Are all welders made in China?

Fact: The majority of welders on the market are made in China. For some years now, Chinese-manufactured welding machines and plasma cutters have dominated the market in Australia, with the clear majority of machines sold being made China*.