Tips for Choosing a Topic for a Thesis Paper

The choice of topics is a very important stage. Remember, a properly selected area of research considerably simplifies the work writing process. Shouldn’t leave the choice too long, otherwise, you face a negative topic that all your fellows have refused!

Major points when choosing a topic

  • basic understanding;
  • relevance;
  • personal interest;
  • length;
  • references.

You should have at least a common understanding of a selected topic

If there is a lack of information on the topic you are interested in, it can be obtained from the study of relevant literature. Only then other important points listed below can be evaluated.

The topic should be chosen according to relevance

Relevance is a term with wide latitude. A topic can be considered relevant if all its aspects in the scientific literature have not yet been considered. In the greater scheme of things, everything that makes sense to work on can be interpreted as being relevant. Consult one of the teachers if you are in any doubt about the relevance of the subject. Theoretically, if the topic is on the list proposed by the department, then it’s a sort of sign of its relevance. However, it should not rely upon the good faith of the list proposers. Who knows, maybe it is too behind. And what was in favour yesterday is old hat today.

The subject must be interesting for you, above all

This would be an important motivation factor for enjoying the work done! Otherwise, are at your disposal.

It is important to choose the right topic in terms of length

You should make clear a range of questions that could be relevant to the topic, already during its selection. Every time you consider any option, ask the question: β€œCan I fully cover the topic within allocated pages number?” If you choose a narrowly focused topic, then it will be difficult to reach the required number of pages. On the other side, if the length is substantial, you won’t be able to squeeze useful text into 100 or even more pages without loss of information during the writing process, that is equally difficult.

Thesis lengths

On average, a thesis length is 3–5 times more than an abstract and 2–2.5 times more than coursework. Although the page number difference between a diploma and coursework is not limited.

  • 40 pages at least;
  • 60-page standard length;
  • 80 pages and more, if common sense justifies it. For you cannot embrace the boundless.

Access to information sources

Even a most exciting topic is not worth the thesis paper if there are only 2-3 articles found on the Internet and libraries. Do not start writing the work basing on materials related to the activity of, for example, an ocean shipping company, if you don’t have even a hint of a river in the city. Always check availability for quality material!

After the choice made, take a good book and carefully read up everything related to your subject, highlight the main points for yourself.

Remind the Director of Diploma to approve the chosen topic. And submit a written application to the department.

Also, keep in mind that it is you who should choose the topic and no one else. Of course, you can and indeed ought to consult with teachers and to correct something, but not much else. It is often the case that a teacher (future supervisor) wants to impose an own topic on a student in order to use it for searching some interesting information. If your thoughts do not coincide, do not give in to it!