What accent is Kent?

What accent is Kent?

“Accents in Kent are a lot more diverse than you might think,” he says. “Yes, there’s the bog standard south-eastern accent. But you can find older people who still speak the traditional accent, who still roll the letter r.”

Is Ashford Kent a nice place to live?

Once you throw in Ashford’s wide variety of property and low average property age thanks to a host of new developments, it’s clear to see why this section of the south east remains hugely popular and is renowned as one of the best places to live in Kent.

Is Kent safe to live?

How safe is Kent? Overall, the county of Kent ranks 10th in England for safety, with an average score of 7.7. It is beaten by its neighbouring county, East Sussex, but ranks higher than more rural counties such as Devon, Suffolk and Shropshire. Oxfordshire has been identified as the safest county in England.

Is Whitstable a nice place to live?

The overall feel is definitely friendlier and safer than London. The arty community also stretches along the coast to Herne Bay and Faversham. Seasalter (London side of Whitstable) is very expensive in places but always seems a bit far out to me – depends again on what you’re looking for.

Where should I live in Canterbury Kent?

For comfortable mid-priced family homes, check out the inter-war and post-war properties in and around the city centre. Or, for a more rural flavour, Canterbury’s villages of Patrixbourne, Bekesbourne, Bridge, Petham, Wingham, Ickham and Fordwich are popular among those looking to enjoy the Kentish countryside.

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Does Faversham have a beach?

There are 44 Faversham beaches to pick from. All the beaches we list are rated according to the ages they are suitable for, facilities and whether they are suitable for rainy days or best when the sun is shining.

Where should I live in Kent?

Best commuter areas in Kent

  • Northfleet, Swanscombe, and Gravesend. Northfleet, Swanscombe, and Gravesend offer some of the quicker Kent commutes.
  • Dartford, Swanley, and Eynsford.
  • Ashford, Canterbury, Dover, and Maidstone.
  • Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, and Tunbridge Wells.
  • Strood, Sittingbourne, Rochester, and Faversham.

Is Maidstone a good place to invest in property?

Property values in Maidstone run the gamut from small and inexpensive properties — perfect for a first home or as a stepping-stone into the buy-to-rent market — to highly desirable residences in excellent locations.

Is Faversham safe?

The people of Faversham value its independent business driven town centre, its natural and built heritage, its connection to the wider area and surrounding green spaces. It is appreciated as a friendly and safe town.

How safe is Ashford Kent?

Ashford is the sixth safest of Kent’s 13 districts, with 68.8 crimes per 1,000 people. Central Folkestone is the worst in Shepway for crime. Figures from Kent Police show that Folkestone Harvey Central ward, in the town centre, has had a total 305 crimes per 1,000 people in the last year.

What is Faversham like to live in?

‘Faversham is one of England’s most historic and charming residential towns, nestling between the rural delights of the Kent Downs and the beauty of its coastal wetlands,’ explains Tennet. Such is the demand from local and London buyers that prices in Faversham have held up during the Brexit crisis.

Where is the cheapest house prices in UK?

Top 10 most affordable places to buy a house

  • Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, £54,978.
  • Bradford, West Yorkshire, £58,673.
  • Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, 65,478.
  • Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, £71,105.
  • Shildon, County Durham, £73,637.
  • Peterlee, County Durham, £85,274.
  • Stanley, County Durham, £91,391.

What is Dartford famous for?

Dartford is perhaps most well known for the latter, the main mode of crossing the River Thames to the east of London, where the southbound A282 (part of the London Orbital) crosses the river via the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge toll bridge, opened in 1991.

What is Canterbury well known for?

Canterbury, a busy market city, located in the county of Kent, with much of its medieval character intact, is famous as the home of the Archbishop of Canterbury, head of the Anglican Church. Regarded as the cradle of English Christianity, it was here that St.

Is Canterbury worth visiting?

Canterbury is one of the most beautiful historic cities in the country and, as home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, attracts history lovers from all over the world. Westgate Towers, for example, is the one of the main gates to the ancient walled city and, at nearly 640 years old, is England’s largest medieval gateway.

How safe is Canterbury?

Canterbury is by and large considered a safe place to live, with incidents of crime generally below the national average. However, like any city, it has its problem areas. Kent police have seen a rise in reported crimes in the area over the last 5 years.

Is Ashford rough?

Ashford 7.83 According to the report, you are likely not to be a victim of crime, with low levels, scoring the town an 8. And if you like getting out in the fresh air, Ashford has lots of green spaces, which has given it a 9 and edged it up the ranks as one of the best places to live in Kent.

Is Kent a posh area?

Kent is not posh, though pleasant and normal. East Anglia in so far as Cambridge and Sandringham are there can be posh but not if the locals speak with a drawl. Generally cathedral cities are posh.

Is Faversham rough?

Faversham is fab. Lots of good primary schools in town as well as surrounding villages. In terms of it being rough, there are obviously a couple of less salubrious estates but I have no qualms about walking home on my own from the last train home through town, or when the pubs shut.

Is Kent better than Essex?

It’s praised as one of the best preserved historical cities, and was voted the best place to live in Kent this year.It certainly has more character than Chelmsford but for us, Essex wins this category. Canterbury as a city is way too busy, especially during term time and Christmas.

Is Bexleyheath safe?

Bexleyheath is a popular shopping spot but it’s also the borough’s most dangerous neighbourhood according to Met Police data. There were 561 violent crimes reported there in just 12 months, that’s more than one a day. In November 2018 there were 35 violent and sexual offences reported in the neighbourhood.

Is Ashford a good place to buy?

The Town according to our Estate Agents Ashford homes have a lot to offer when it comes shopping as it has now become a bit of a shopper’s paradise. There is a designer outlet and plenty of supermarkets and with the likes of Maidstone and Rye only being a short drive away, the shopping options increase even further.

Is Dartford rough?

According to Kent Police statistics, the most prevalent crimes in Dartford are violent and sexual offences, antisocial behaviour and vehicle crime. Dartford has one of the highest crime rates in Kent. However, most crimes are often resolved. This is one thing you need to keep in mind when moving to the UK.

What is the best area to live in Kent?

10 Best Places in Kent To Explore

  • 1 – Canterbury. One of the top places to live in the general Kent area is the city of Canterbury.
  • 2 – Royal Tunbridge Wells.
  • 3 – Belvedere.
  • 4 – Ashford.
  • 5 – Sandwich.
  • 6 – Sevenoaks.
  • 7 – Folkestone.
  • 8 – Eynsford.

Where are the cheapest houses in Kent?

Below is a list of the 10 cheapest streets – according to the median price paid for a property, from August 2017 to July 2018.

  • Pleydell Gardens, Folkestone, CT20 – £79,950.
  • Queen’s Parade, Margate, CT9 – £85,000.
  • Harold Road, Margate, CT9 – £90,000.
  • High Street, Dover, CT16 – £90,000.
  • The Parade, Folkestone, CT20 – £92,000.