What album is Open Arms by Journey on?

What album is Open Arms by Journey on?

EscapeOpen Arms / AlbumEscape is the seventh studio album by American rock band Journey, released in 1981. It topped the American Billboard 200 chart and features four hit Billboard Hot 100 singles – “Don’t Stop Believin'”, “Who’s Crying Now”, “Still They Ride” and “Open Arms” – plus rock radio staple “Stone in Love.” Wikipedia

What film was open arms written for?

Heavy Metal
“Open Arms” was used on the soundtrack to the animated Canadian film Heavy Metal (released to theatres in August 1981), and it was released as the third single from Escape in January 1982 in the United States. It was also featured on two occasions during scenes of the 1982 film The Last American Virgin.

Who wrote open arms song?

Steve Perry
Jonathan Cain
Open Arms/Composers

What key is Open Arms by Journey in?

Open Arms is written in the key of D.

What movies have Journey songs in them?

Here are five films that used Journey’s music to great effect.

  • Caddyshack – Any Way You Want It.
  • Losers – Don’t Stop Believin’
  • Tron: Legacy – Separate Ways.
  • Monsters vs.Aliens – Who’s Crying Now.
  • Vision Quest – Only The Young.

Who wrote lyrics to faithfully?

Jonathan CainFaithfully / Composer

What is the meaning of the song Open Arms?

The meaning behind the song “Open Arms” is a live story about a couple who drifted apart over time and then found their way back to each other again. Once they found their way back together they then realized how much they loved each other after all and that they were meant to be.

How to play open arms by journey?

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Who sang open arms?

Taking the stage for what’s said to be the first time in nearly two decades, Perry sang an Eels song with an unprintable title, then followed it up with two Journey classics: “Open Arms” and…